Commercial Fisheries: Tate enjoys dozen delight at Larkwood


Blackdyke trout fly fishery is on top form at the moment. Lots of fish being caught – black and green lures working best on floating lines with a steady figure of eight retrieve. We are open all year so come along and don't forget your rods.


We have had excellent results again at the end of this week, with the fish coming to hares ears, damsels and small emergers. One or two fish are also now being taken on fry imitations such as zonkers. The most notable catches this week were by Matt Tate who had 12 fish up to 6lbs and a good mornings fishing from Fred Freeman with six fish to just over 6lbs. Both West Stow and Glebe lakes are very clear and should stay so throughout the winter. We have a limited number of season tickets available from January next year – please contact Ian for details on 07776 370348.

Nar Valley

The unsettled weather has reduced the number of anglers on the bank at the Nar Valley fisheries complex in recent weeks. Fenn Lake and Willow Pool have consistently produced double figure carp with the odd 20 thrown in. Doug's Lake and John's Pond have had very little attention, and therefore no reported fish catches. Lake Geneva continues to perform with the big fish on the move and willing to feed. In this last week six twenties and another thirty pound plus fish have been reported.

Hobbs Lake Trout Fishery

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The first season for this water is drawing to a close (December 31). The water has produced some very exciting trout fishing throughout the season. We are looking forward to an even better new season, starting January 1, 2013. This 25-acre lake has bays and large areas of water to explore, depths range from a few inches to 25 feet. The trout are stocked from 1lb 8ozs to 4lbs with the odd much larger fish to enhance the fishery. For membership applications or further information contact Chris on 01553 636507.


Paul Chipperfield enjoyed his first time back at RMF for a while with a memorable afternoon's fishing. Paul banked six rainbows and an overwintered brown trout. Paul's favourite tactics regardless of the time of year, buzzers on a floating line showed that they can work equally as well in cold wintery conditions as in the Spring. Fish were taken just under the surface.

Until we start getting consistent frosts and low temperatures, the fish will remain fairly active and feeding in the upper layers. Buzzers and small nymphs, as well as dries have all still been working really well, but with crystal clear water ensure they are small. Lures such as cats whiskers or appetizers are also catching fish as they switch on to fry feeding at this time of year. For more information call James on 01953 483971.