Commercial Fisheries: First time lucky at Larkwood


Despite the icy temperatures Larkwood had fish being taken on the surface with small white dry flies. By the end of the week, with the warmer breeze, the fishing was excellent. Small orange lures or cat's whiskers were the best flies being cast out and left to drift with the breeze on a floating line. First time visitor to the fishery, David Evans, had a cracking rainbow of 11lb 6oz – the best fish out of a bag of eight rainbows. Both lakes are very clear and fish can be spotted in the margins, so try close in to start with. A limited number of season tickets are available from January. Books of 10 day tickets can also be purchased at a greatly discounted price. The fishery is only closed on Christmas Day and Boxing Day – they are open all other days. Call Ian on 07776 370348 for more information.


The fishery will be closed on Christmas Eve, Christmas Day, Boxing Day, New Year's Eve and New Year's Day. They are offering free half hour lessons to any beginners that have fly tackle for Christmas through January. Call the Lodge to book your time on 07525 730447. Fishing is excellent at the moment. Humungus, cat's whiskers, damsels and minkies are all catching well.


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Last week's cold snap seemed to send the fish down in the water slightly, with most being caught at between the 3-4 feet mark. The weekend saw lots of anglers, with Saturday fishing the best. A gentle breeze made the difference between the two days and fish were even caught on dries. RMF member John Archer took 12 rainbows in total, most caught on cat's whiskers, while Andrew Wright landed four rainbows in an evening session, two on dry flies just before dark. Mild, wetter weather is expected over the next few days which should keep the fish actively feeding, but if there are any substantial frosts expect lures and deeper tactics to work best. For further details call James on 01953 483971 or visit