Codling prove hard to find for sea anglers from Cromer to Lowestoft

With some pretty heavy seas in the north and east of the region hopes were high of a few codling showing this last week.

The winds did their best and there were a few codling in the 2-3lb bracket in the Cromer area but not the hoped for numbers given the good conditions, though in fairness there weren't a lot of rods out chasing them!

In the far south there were a few codling on Orford. I haven't been told of anything bigger than about 3lb, though it's still nice to hear of a few, and if they're at Orford there should be some along the wall at Aldeburgh and round to Southwold.

From Lowestoft to Yarmouth they appear to be hanging offshore still, though boat anglers are reporting lots of sprats about. This will fixate the cod for a while and beach caught fish will be a bonus unless the sprat shoals come inshore or are driven in by sea conditions. There are still dabs and whiting to target off most of the region's beaches so it's definitely worth a chuck while the weather is holding mild and dry.

The shingle ridge has again produced some nice whiting with the flatfish and a few codling in the rough stuff around Weybourne and most beaches seem to have a few fish about. The wind is coming from the northwest heading into the weekend so there may well be a few more codling in the east, reasonable evening tides give reasonable chances too.