Cash in on good conditions

WAVENEY VALLEY: 'Good fishing' has been the answer from almost everyone asked on the state of the sport in the last week.

Whether tripping out for a day on commercials or the various 15-mile long parts of the river.

On some of the tidal water the pristine quality of the 8-10 ozs roach taken has been dazzling. Some have been that occasional snatch we see of beautiful plump roach with a golden hue to their flanks.

Red maggot has outdone all other baits and even the 2-3 ounce roach with their green backs and some struggling dace with silvery delicate scales, have been pleased to oblige snatching confidently at the bait to give a positive bite.

Down on the heavier water the eel is showing that its fight for survival against the virus which reduced it in the last decade to just 4pc of its population, (according to Environment Agency figures), is making something of a comeback.

These slippery comrades take a bit of unhooking with considerable attention to ensure their re-establishment keeps pace.

River tench may not be quite as prolific as they once were from Harleston downstream but they certainly still produce good form on the slower waters around the deep bends of Harleston Club's Needham Marshes and Brockdish on the Diss & District AC reaches.

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Several catches have been reported of 'pairs' of tincas in the 5 lb to 7 lb range which are excellent for an outing especially catering for their capture using bread baits on the Pole held still.

Bungay Cherry Tree committee received a good report on the membership stakes from treasurer Colyn Taylor already reaching and overtaking last year's figures as the popularity of their successful Lottery funded Lay-By Pit draws in pleasure anglers, not looking for 100 lbs of carp, but a few relaxing tench, bream, rudd and impressive orfe.

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