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Lynn celebrated George Thomson's goal on Tuesday - but failed to turn their good start into a victory. Picture: Matthew...

Lynn celebrated George Thomson's goal on Tuesday - but failed to turn their good start into a victory. Picture: Matthew Usher. - Credit: Matthew Usher

We lost 1-0 at Witton Albion on Saturday but for me we deserved to come away with the minimum of a point. At crucial times we missed chances and I thought we were in control of the game for large parts until they scored in the 87th minute.

DG (Danny Gay) made a great save but the lad (Shaun Tuck) finished the rebound. As a whole, we probably didn't deserve to win, but a draw would have been fair.

It was an absolute killer to concede so late. And the lads who left Lynn at 9am didn't get back until 9.30-10pm either so it was a long old day. Thanks to those fans who trekked up to Witton. We took a few away again and we always appreciate it. You can't help feeling you've let them down when you lose but we got a good reception at the end so I know they appreciated how we played – even though we lost.

Gary Mills made his debut at the weekend and he's another Northampton-based lad. He's someone we all know and he will bring quality to the squad and plenty of experience on and off the pitch.

We've now got a full car when we're travelling (Jason Lee, Andy Hall, Dan Quigley, Mills and I) and we do have a good laugh, which makes the long journeys a bit easier. Even home games are a mission for us and we often don't get back from midweek matches until 12.30pm.

Millsy can hopefully keep me company as the others just tend to fall asleep. Hally's the first one to nod off. Fifteen minutes into the journey and he's gone – even though every time he says he wishes he hadn't. All I see in the mirror is him in the back with his cap over his face. He's like a little baby. I might get him a booster seat so he can see what's going on out of the windscreen.

Off we headed to The Walks on Tuesday for what was, for me, another disappointing result.

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We've played enough games in this league now to realise that when we are on top we need to kill teams off. First half we were absolutely cruising and went 1-0 up through George (Thomson). And the gaffer (Gary Setchell) warned us at the break that all they needed was one chance.

It wasn't even a chance that helped them equalise. It was a fluke deflection off Jason Lee.

At the minute, we just seem to be conceding all sorts of goals. Long range ones. Deflections. It's disappointing. We just need to be able to put games to bed.

DG took a nasty bump and ended up playing in bandages. It was one of them things. 'Keepers get hurt. Jay Lee (Jason Lee's) bicycle back pass meant he had to try and head the ball. Which he didn't. But to his credit, he soldiered on and made some great saves and probably got us a draw in the end.

I came on in the first half after Millsy limped off and I'll admit Tuesday games seem to come around quicker than ever.

I felt perfectly all right on Saturday and the plan was to rest me for most of the Grantham match. But it wasn't to be.

I just want to play football – even if I didn't do any pre-season sessions and have only played four 90 minutes since March.

I'm weeks behind everyone else but I'm giving everything I can to catch up with them.

My groin feels pretty good. I'm not quite match fit yet but that will come with time.

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