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Ross McNeil as Mr Motivator

Ross McNeil as Mr Motivator - Credit: Archant

I think I can speak for just about everybody when I say I'm fed up with all the bad weather and am desperate to get back to playing football.

We train so hard week in, week out, and the rewards for doing so are the games on a Tuesday or a Saturday. It seems like ages since our last match (Southport in the FA Trophy) and it's been even longer since the lads have played a league fixture.

With fixtures being called off the intensity of our training sessions have been higher. There isn't much we can do in the snow so running has been the main ingredient although things were mixed up a bit on Saturday with the gaffer (Gary Setchell) booking us in down at Heros Gym.

I knew as soon as Setch mentioned boxing training it was going to be tough and believe me it didn't disappoint. I know my body is still hurting as I write this, I can only hope the aching has gone by the time everybody reads it!

After jogging to the gym from the ground the lads down there put on a great session for the team. We did circuits that worked muscles I weren't even aware I had. The boxing lot are a very disciplined group and I can see why now.

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As a team we are fairly loud but as the session went on the jokes were few and far between. We all even got the chance to put the gloves on to do a bit of pad work and I can safely say there are no future world champions in our team. Jordy (Jordan Yong) was the pick of a bad bunch I suppose but he wouldn't scare too many with that barnet.

I said we like a laugh and the banter in the changing room can be ruthless – and a bit close to the bone at times – and Ross (McNeil, coach) got his fair share after the story in this paper last week (Friday). All jokes aside, he is great for the team but 'Mr Motivator' was not going away without the lads hammering him. Let's just say he wasn't amused.

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Although the games at our level have struggled with the battle against the weather there were plenty of games to watch over the weekend. The FA Cup has to be the best domestic cup competition in the world for me. Year after year the upsets keep coming.

This week saw four or five big ones, some more upsetting than others. As a Manchester United fan I'm never upset at seeing Liverpool get beaten so I had to smile at their loss to Oldham. Why managers of the bigger teams risk a defeat by resting so-called big players is beyond me. Surely getting the win in the bag and then taking them off would make more sense?

Back to Lynn, I'm really looking forward to our next game at Northwich Victoria on Saturday. It will be good to get the league campaign up and running again and it would be even better to start this with a win on the road. We are aware of how tough the game was at The Walks earlier in the season and we were probably fortunate to pick up the three points that day so all the lads are aware of how tough it will be. We are also all well aware of the task ahead over the second half of the season.

The first half has been without question a huge success but it will mean nothing if we can't keep picking up the points and making the second half as successful. The bar has been raised since we started out all those weeks ago at Yaxley but we are heading in the right direction, starting Saturday, with hopefully another victory.

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