Canvey Island 20, Norwich 5

On a dank and miserable afternoon Norwich, for the majority of the game, played rugby to match.

Norwich conceded a penalty at the kick-off which summed up the first half and led to the hosts eventually taking a three-point lead.

Canvey were playing with a little more aggression at the breakdown than Norwich although Swanborough did make his presence felt on a couple of occasions.

From a scrum Canvey kicked to the opposite wing who knocked the ball on when he looked certain to score. With the home side having most of the possession it was difficult for Norwich to settle into any pattern of play although Hancocks made some good breaks from midfield.

Canvey scored again when Norwich were penalised for a body check and the ball was kicked to the corner and from the line out the home side drove over.

Norwich were trying to play their usual open game and Hancocks broke through in the centre, and was then called back for a penalty due to offside from Canvey but the kick in front of the posts was missed.

Although Norwich defended well there were too many times when they were penalised at the breakdown. From another penalty Canvey kicked upfield, the clearance kick from Brown was charged down and touched down by Canvey and the score was converted. Shortly afterwards Norwich were caught offside in the middle of the field and in front of the posts, resulting in another three points for Canvey.

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Norwich started the second half a little better although it was difficult for them to string any cohesive patterns of play together due to the number of penalties being awarded against them. Several times they made inroads into the Canvey 22 only to be found guilty of a transgression. Austin and Hancocks combined well to force a good mid-field break only for Canvey to be judged to have slowed the ball down deliberately, resulting in a yellow card. Norwich ran the penalty and for once the ball made it across the pitch for full back Micklethwaite to come in to the line and score. The kick was missed.

The game then stagnated into a midfield duel with neither side being able to create an opening and the final whistle came, much to the relief of the spectators.