Canary Lucas takes Fer pilgrimage

Lucas Jorge, a Norwich City fan from Brazil

Lucas Jorge, a Norwich City fan from Brazil - Credit: Archant

Passion, love for the shirt and the support of the fans - these are the qualities that made Lucas Jorge a canary.

The 19-year-old, from Rio de Janeiro, has been a City fan since the 2004-05 Premier League season, when the Carrow Road club's games were first shown in Brazil.

He said the 2-0 home win over Manchester United was the spark for him.

'This match was remarkable to me. I felt the crowd was different, and that Norwich were different. It's a club that loves the shirt and the fans support the team.

'Norwich have no money to buy the best players but there are things that money can not buy. The passion that fans have for Norwich and the whole atmosphere they bring to any stadium - that's what won me over,' he said.

Lucas now dreams of visiting Norwich but says he is happy in Brazil for the next fortnight at least with the World Cup proving to be a massive success.

'The atmosphere is incredible and the world is here. I've met Argentinians, Chileans, Uruguayans.

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'I'm 19 and I'm feeling so lucky to see this World Cup,' he said.

He has also been doing his best to run into Norwich City's only player in the tournament, Leroy Fer, who has been training with the Holland side in Rio.

'Holland have been training at Flamengo, who are my Brazilian team, and I tried to go training to meet some players, including Fer.

'I couldn't meet them but it's the first time a Norwich player has played at Flamengo so I'm happy,' he said.

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