Bungay best place to find big catches

WAVENEY VALLEY: A river in tip top condition produced some pleasing catches throughout its whole length with the best coming from around Bungay.

With the roach shoaled very tightly for several weeks they have been split up by predators and have been caught over a wider area covering four or five swims instead of just one or two.

Just above the caravan park at Bungay Common on the stile the bend produced both bream and chub of around 3lb to 4lb and made a total getting near to 50lb on ledgered bread flake. This Cherry Tree water is available on a day ticket and just the start of a two-mile run around the common holding countless spots worth fishing with good depths.

Homersfield Bridge boasts only a shallow streamy flow but this free fishing has a good shoal of chub and dace roaming in and out and has been worth a run through this week.

Mendham Bridge is proving to be a likely spot on the Harleston club's waters with plenty of roach seen rising at dusk which should prove catchable in the 10 foot plus of depth.

At Beccles more roach than expected have been caught as far down as the yacht station in the main stream of the river having had a preference for the feeder. Two nice bags of bream hitting the 50lb mark came from the stagings at Worlingham to red maggot and worm.

North Cove up near to the Pump House produced a good bag in the week from possibly the same roving shoal but the hefty 7lb to 8lb bronze bream, absent for most of the year, still remain elusive.

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Small commercials have given good value for money with Bales Nursery Fishery yielding some nice quality roach and rudd alongside the quickly improving presence of skimmers hatched out on the water over the last three years.

Tom Harbinson's hard work at Broome Pits has changed the face of the place with plenty of swims to fish and really good stocks in the central Kidney Pit where Bungay Cherry Tree held a match. Winner on the day, using his local knowledge and the long pole, was Earsham 15-year-old Matthew Buck, showing how well he is emerging from the junior section with five carp on the pole for 22lb.