Bream feeding well - as Number 1 Pit proves

Most large still water bream now seem to have the spawning follicles in profusion on their heads as they prepare to shoal tightly together.

In Harleston, Wortwell & District AC's Number 1 Pit they have been feeding up well beforehand, giving some good bags prior to other energetic activities distracting from feeding.

Match secretary and vice-chairman of Suffolk County AAA, Nigel Poll, had a session on pegs in the 60s and took half a dozen brutes full of power and fight in handsome condition. Nigel says a trip to their Middle Pit and mighty carp thrashing the edges was full of promise, but large mouths supping up each other's spawn will keep the hatch numbers low.

Whilst Harleston WDAA will now not be fishing the National this year, Suffolk County AAA will be putting in a team, not run by Mal Runacres as match secretary but Mark Brewster, the SCAAA and Gipping Preservation Secretary.

As reported at the SCAAA AGM this week, it is of great encouragement that whilst his Ipswich Gipping Club suffered a loss of membership nearing 20pc, the combined youth element continues to thrive, with match successes at the highest level.

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These emerging stars will weld together to make the youngest team of 10 entry ever and maybe re-ignite the county's successes of the past. Certainly they deserve all the encouragement and support available as it is no cheap task to take on even the fairly local venue of the Great Ouse river at Littleport.

The improved weather pulled a few more fish into feed, but the continuation of cold winds replacing the normal warm breezes anticipated do nothing to produce really good commercial fishery sport.

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Almost unbelievably even some of the most reliable venues have been limited to hot spots fishing very well indeed, but with most swims at a venue a bit scratchy to raise 10lbs of fish.

Topcroft Fishery, up on the hill at Hempnall with its open aspect and comparatively shallow water, has been one of the first fisheries to show some consistency.

Good catches have come from the feeder, providing that nothing too big and burdensome has been flung in, and patience pertains for an hour whilst roving carp arrive. Once with their heads down it has been up to a dozen between 2lbs and 12lbs, and the 8lbs plus commons have been a wonder to behold, the bronze flanked beauties fighting fiercely and making tremendous initial surges.

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