Boxing success is running in the family for the Ogogos

Anthony Ogogo and his younger sister, Carly.

Anthony Ogogo and his younger sister, Carly. - Credit: Archant

While Anthony Ogogo has ridden through several trials and tribulations to become a professional boxer he believes his younger sister, Carly, has had it somewhat easier.

On his journey to winning a bronze medal at the London 2012 Olympics, Anthony lived and breathed boxing, overcoming injuries and personal torment when his mother, Teresa, fell ill, to almost reach the pinnacle of amateur boxing.

Inspired by her elder brother, Carly took up the sport when she was 13 as a hobby and has never viewed it as anything more than that. This could change after she was selected for the Team GB squad to travel to the European Championships in Bucharest where she lost out in the quarter-finals against Croatian Anamarija Marsic.

But Anthony hopes it is only a matter of time before she realises her potential.

'She's a great talent and I'm really proud of her,' said Anthony, who has started his professional career with six consecutive wins. 'I box full-time – it's my life and it's been good to me. Carly boxes as a hobby – she took it up when she was about 13 at the amateur boxing club in Lowestoft.

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'She got back into it properly at university (in Liverpool) mainly because it was convenient for her to keep fit. She would have a lecture in the morning and another one in the afternoon but in the meantime she used to kill time at the local gym.

'The next thing I know her coach is saying how brilliant she is. She has now been scouted for the GB squad, something I worked my entire life to be on. From that she went to the European Championships... and this is a girl who trains two or three times a week to pass time in between university.

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'If it is what she wants to do imagine how good she will be when she applies herself correctly.'

While Anthony is protective of his little sister he admits to giving Carly her first taste of properly being hit in the ring. Anthony promised thereafter it would be the first and last time they sparred against each other.

'She was always on at me to spar with her when she was a lot younger,' he said. 'I didn't really want to because she is my little sister and Carly can punch really hard – she has hit me harder than I've been hit in fights against men my own size.

'So when I caved in and actually agreed to it she was waving away at me on the ropes and it hurt! I gave her a little uppercut back thinking she was going to block but I caught her right on the chin and she bit her tongue.

'She was okay but she was in a bit of pain and her eyes started to water – she had never really been hit properly before.

'I felt terrible. I jumped out the ring and got in my car and drove home – I was so upset. I haven't sparred with her since that day.'

That of course doesn't mean that Anthony isn't prepared to pass on a few tips of the trade during gym sessions together. However, this now always takes place outside the ring.

'I take her down the gym with me a little bit and teach her a few things,' he added. 'We've worked on a few things together. She is so young and new but hopefully it will dawn upon her how good she is and can be.

'To be honest I don't really like her boxing because she's my little sister and I don't want her to get hurt. In this day and age though I'm not going to tell her what she can and can't do.'

He probably dare not now she is a bit older...

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