Boom time for commercials

WAVENEY VALLEY: Nearly all the Waveney Valley commercials saw a boom in sport as the weather drew in holiday makers to the fisheries with caravan facilities and plenty of day ticket trippers having a cast or two at other spots.

At the Popular Broome Pits the stocking in the Central Kidney Pit has increased the catch rate. For the new adventurers the 2-3lb carp are great pleasure givers, with good fighting powers and hungry enough to provide a good old bite that was hard to miss.

Aldeby Fishery had a good attendance too and the skimmers began to feed on the match lake with some big carp being taken from Otter Lake. Weybread Fishery, with its deeper swims, provided good sport, as did the shallower water around behind the island, using sweetcorn.

Wisset Lakes on the quiet sports front was full of action while Folly Farm at Yaxley was the most prolific of the bunch, with manageable-sized carp coming to the net.

Outney Common Pond had several species hurling themselves about in the Norfolk reed and against the island first thing in the day. It was the already spawned perch who fed the best at this Bungay Cherry Tree AC Club water with day tickets pre-purchasable.

Fish after fish, just six or seven metres out, fed in bold fashion, with a 30lb bag of the stripeys making up the best catch.

By 11.30am the action was over when the sun got higher in the sky but quite a few anglers over the weekend had perch nearing 2lb. Ossie Remblance, from Lowestoft, managed a paunchy beauty of 3lb 1oz on his bunch of red maggots.

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If pleasure catches at Marsh Trail Lakes are anything to go by it will be a hard-fought festival, with feeding fish well distributed diluting the effects of some normally hot pegs.

One angler took 20 carp to 3lb, albeit in an eight-hour session, and another four double figure carp from A Lake in the deeper water.

Plenty of fish are hanging around the end pegs after spawning and the days to come should see things improve even more.

Bonus fish are the tench from the margins in C Lake and these have been near to 6lb and worthy challengers to the mirror carp close in too.

As yet the roach and rudd are not really going at it or evident on the surface but there are quality silver fish to be had at the venue.