Bob Carter clean up yet again

Bob Carter raised the bar once again to beat their great rivals Wymondham and retain the Norfolk Summer Cup at Anglian Windows.

Jason Woods, David Lamb and Melvin Woods opened for Carter against Roger Steele, Jack Barrett and Jon Sparham.

Young Barrett began the action with two lovely woods to put the Carter triple under pressure, but skip Melvin Woods attacked with his last wood, cutting Wymondham down to one shot.

Carter enjoyed a superb second end, scoring five shots, but super bowls by Barrett helped Wymondham on their way to a count of four to level a topsy-turvy game after three ends.

Sparham ditched the jack on the next end to give Wymondham an 8-5 lead that became 9-5 on the next end. A superb final bowl from Melvin Woods on the next end earned two shots and Carter began to pile on the pressure. With some great bowling by Jason Woods and Lamb, and Melvin Woods always dangerous at skip, Carter moved into a 12-9 lead.

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Wymondham recovered, though, and on the 10th end Sparham ditched the jack to regain a 13-12.

Two shots on end 11 put Carter back into the lead 14-13 and an attacking bowl by Sparham failed to stop Carter increasing that to 16-13 after 12 ends.

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The game slipped away from Wymondham on the 13th end as Carter took five shots to lead 21-13 and followed with a count of four to lead 25-13 with an end to go. A single on the last end for Sparham reduced the score to 25-14.

The vastly-experienced triple of George Clarke, John Turner and Trevor Brown went into battle for Carter against Mikey George, Chris Mann and Debbie Phillips.

Brown's triple looked in fine form and counts of two on the first two ends got them off the mark, but Phillips' triple responded well, taking four shots on the third end. Carter led 7-4 after six ends following a great last wood by Brown and when Turner swept the jack back on the eighth end to hold three shots Phillips did well to limit the damage to just one shot.

Mann and Phillips changed playing positions on the next end to see if this would change the tempo of the game, but Carter took two more shots to lead 10-4 before Mann's triple cut the deficit to 11-8 after 11 ends.

A terrific next end culminated in Brown playing a blinding final shot to drive Carter into a 12-8 lead which increased to 14-8 with two ends left. A cracking last wood by Mann took a single on the penultimate end, but Clarke, Turner and Brown signed off with a fabulous five shots to win 19-9.

With Bob Carter leading 4-0 on points, and 44-23 on shots, at the interval score you sensed that for Wymondham there was no way back.

Andrew Stratton replaced Roger Steele at lead in the second half, but Trevor Brown's triple were full of confidence and quickly moved into a 6-1 lead after five ends.

Stratton moved to skip for Wymondham with Sparham at lead, but it made little difference as Carter maintained the pressure to lead 10-1 after eight ends. A mini revival for Stratton's triple saw them reduce the deficit to 10-6 with five ends to go, but the penultimate end proved to be the match winner as Carter took four shots, a 16-8 lead and seal cup glory.

On mat two Jason Woods, Lamb and Melvin Woods were 14-9 down after 12 ends against Mikey George, Phillips and Mann, but with their game running a couple of ends behind the other one the Cup final was already decided long before this game finished level at 14-14 leaving Carter 7-1 winners on points and by 28 shots.

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