Boat men profit as pressure hits catches

SEA FISHING: High pressure has resulted in little action, whiting aside, off any of the region's beaches.

Boat anglers have fared better, the calm seas allowing them out and fish to 18lb have been reported off Orford, though no great numbers of smaller fish. Closer to shore and kayakers have managed a few small codling amongst the whiting, again no great numbers, whilst beach anglers for the most part have had to put up with whiting, pouts and flatfish.

A recent knock up 'cod cup' match on Orford did see my old mate Bri Heritage snare a couple of codling for a handsome win, most of the competitors again plagued by whiting. I'm sure there are a few codling about, especially when sea conditions are favourable, but as soon as it goes flat and starts to clear it seems to be whiting or bust.

In the north there have been a few better flats and it's a similar story round to Cromer and below. Not much weed has been reported, thankfully, and the last of it will be hopefully making its way off somewhere else. There have been some cracking flounders out of Trimingham, with fish at or just over a pound in reports. There's always a chance of a cod too and this run-up to Christmas usually gives your best chances of a proper one.

The southern beats have been the most consistent, with Lowestoft north as good as anywhere, though I note catches here have tailed off in the windless conditions.

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The forecast for the week ahead has some hefty southerly winds going into the weekend. This could well liven things up in the south.

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