Better together: Link with Gary Setchell mirrors how I work with Rob Lyon, says Buster Chapman

Buster Chapman. Picture: IAN BURT

Buster Chapman. Picture: IAN BURT - Credit: Ian Burt

Buster Chapman believes two special relationships help him continue to make a huge sporting impact in King's Lynn.

Speedway rider Lewis Kerr is back home. Picture: Ian Burt

Speedway rider Lewis Kerr is back home. Picture: Ian Burt - Credit: Ian Burt

The town's speedway and football supremo – who became the chairman of the reformed Linnets in 2010 – has overseen huge progress at the Adrian Flux Arena and Walks in the last five years.

Yet the 56-year-old admits his ability to drive both forward owes much to how well he works with Town boss Gary Setchell and Stars' team manager Rob Lyon.

Chapman, speaking on the five-year anniversary of King's Lynn Town Football Club's first competitive match, said: 'The great thing is, Rob and myself are very open with each other and that's how me and Gary work too.

'If I've got an issue, or he's got an issue, we just say it, it's finished and we move on. People are very quick to judge but they don't know the full history of why things go wrong. Nobody is the same every day.

Lynn boss Gary Setchell. Picture: Ian Burt

Lynn boss Gary Setchell. Picture: Ian Burt - Credit: Ian Burt

'You see it with the best professionals in the world. They can be perfect one day and bad the next. The luck of the ball, a bounce, a referee – I've learnt you can't win everything all the time.'

Chapman, who has run the Stars for 23 years, has worked alongside Lyon since 2005. Upon their reformation, Setchell has been a constant presence in the Linnets' dugout.

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'When you're down on confidence, when things do go wrong, it's very hard to pick yourself up again,' added the respected businessman.

'But Setch has done that since last season, he's stayed the course, and he is King's Lynn Town through and through. For me, there's no better manager.'

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