Beccles roach come out from the cold

WAVENEY VALLEY: It has been Beccles bonanza time for the roach this week with the river beginning to become packed with the fish moving down from upstream for the colder weather.

First to hit form has been Puddingmoor and the Town stretch with pristine, plump, highly-coloured roach to 12oz taking the bait.

Next on the bill board have been swims from the Yacht station up to the boats as roach shoals move away from Worlingham and the heavier water. With only one week away from the opening of the Marina Quay, and all over Broadland, the opening of many stands made unavailable through Broads Authority impositions, things look pretty good.

With the low tide eight inches below its normal base at Ellingham, it appears to be encouraging fish to move habitats too.

It may well require some substantial rain before quality fish wish to enter the currently gin clear Quay basin.

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Many fish are preferring to feed well up off the bottom on the millions of invertebrates and daphnia coming downstream on brisk flows wrenched away from the decomposing weed and willow roots.

The shoal of a dozen weighty tench that have been regularly seen spending the summer grazing on the shallow weedy water at the Lido appear to have left and are likely heading for the quieter Quay too.

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Decent casters have taken the best roach bags but a 1.1lb breaking strain hook length has made all the difference for the bigger specimens. Mixed in are a good number of hybrids coming on to groundbait nearer to the top of the tide which should run up during most of the day this week.

Upstream the clean clear River has been difficult to master for anything else but dace and chublets.

Not even dusk has given any enthusiasm for feeding to roach bigger than an ounce or so, but anglers switching to pursuit of the chub have been fairly rewarded with their lobworms or bread.

The Cherry Tree's Bungay Common holds a good head of fish in the 4lbs to 5lb range, giving excellent sport for the roamer with just one rod.

It takes about two hours to amble and inspect the complete 'D' of this wonderful piece of water and is a good investment before deciding on a swim.

Overhanging trees and narrow deeps can be found near the bottom end, but often it has been the cut running right beneath one's feet on a wider pacey run which is home for the largest specimens which could will provide 7lb fish this winter.

Commercials have been worth every penny for the pleasure angler, maintaining good form on the bright summer days with an eagerness to feed in the mild temperatures.

Paste at the side has maintained its power for the bigger bolder greedy carp, but for all-round fishing the pellet, albeit smaller sized softer un-banded ones, have been taking most from a swim.

The silver fish results of the second round of the Series at Weybread Pits were lower than anticipated, but with Harleston Club's top star Chris Knights Jnr doing well again.

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