Beaches and bays bounce back brightly

SEA FISHING: It's been a funny old week with some venues bucking trends and others not quite delivering what you might have reasonably hoped for. The rivers have still produced and can be relied upon for a bite or two but it's the beaches that have bounced back into a bit of form.

There have been plenty of mackerel on the north Norfolk shingle and there were quite a few bass feeding on the back of the northerly wind and the resulting surf. The northerly helped out the east Norfolk beaches too with bass from Cromer down to Sea Palling, the sea has flattened off round here now and any colour that was in it has dropped but I think there's a good chance of a smoothound in it while it stays flat.

Stephen Boyce fished Hopton bay in flat conditions and was rewarded with a smoothound pup of 2.5lb and a cracker of 5lb 10oz, Paul Turrell followed up that form with an almost identical catch with a nice hound at 5lb and three smaller in the 2-2.5lb bracket. Hopton bay and Pakefield bay have produced plenty of smoothound pups in the past so it's nice to hear of one or two proper ones about.

Lowestoft south pier continues to produce a few sole, small hooks on short hook lengths fastened to wire booms is the favoured method. Flounders and school bass, with the occasional better fish around 5lb, have showed from Dunwich, Minsmere and Southwold. There are also plenty of catch reports with whiting figuring strongly, a reminder if it was needed that autumn isn't too far away.

The forecast for the week ahead has some south and west in it which should mean more of the same. I should think there'll be a few more sole in the south and mackerel in the north, and who knows, maybe a late run of large smoothounds, we live in hope!

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