Audio: Norwich musicians make England song ahead of Euro 2012

As the club football season begins to draw to a close, thoughts are turning to this summer's European Championships in Poland and Ukraine.

A Norwich musical duo are already getting excited for Euro 2012, so much so that they have produced their own song for England fans to enjoy during the tournament.

Gary Francis and Shane Hill have previously attempted songs for England's 2010 World Cup campaign in South Africa and Norwich City's 2011 promotion celebrations.

Their light-hearted songs are only intended as a bit of fun but Mr Hill says he hopes their latest effort - using the beat from a popular early-90s hit for Dutch dance duo Chocolate Puma - will prove successful.

The song follows a fictional England fan named Steve, as he enjoys his trip to Euro 2012.

Mr Hill, 40, from the Gas Hill area of Norwich, said: 'I know it's crazy but I feel I have to do it every time there is a tournament now. I'm a big football fan so it is just a bit of fun. It's something that you hope will catch on.'

Gary, 38, who goes by the name of Purple Dazzle, produced the song. He added: 'It's a loop from the Chocolate Puma song and then Shane's stuff over the top, but it's more of a comical piece than a serious song.'