Anthony Ogogo will do everything he can to save boxing career

Anthony Ogogo has flown to the USA for advice on how to repair his damaged left eye. Picture: Alison

Anthony Ogogo has flown to the USA for advice on how to repair his damaged left eye. Picture: Alison Armstrong Photography - Credit: Archant

Anthony Ogogo has flown to the USA in a bid to save his boxing career.

The 28-year-old will see four different specialists to try and improve the sight in his left eye, which was badly damaged in his defeat against Craig Cunningham last October.

Ogogo has already undergone surgery to repair his fractured eye socket but treatment in the UK on the eye itself, which was also badly damaged, has been unsuccessful.

He has therefore sought the advice of leading eye specialists in America, who insist they can help correct the double vision he suffers when moving his left eye.

'It's been an absolute nightmare and I'm just hoping when I'm over there they can help me,' said Ogogo, who five years ago this week was winning a bronze medal at the London Olympics. 'I've spoken to a few of them on the phone and on Facetime and they seem to think they can – whether they can help me enough, I don't know.'

MORE: Fire still burns brightly for OgogoOgogo was temporarily registered blind after the bout against Cunningham and the injuries he sustained were similar to that of a car crash victim, fracturing his eye socket in seven places.

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'I had to do a number of tests to be able to drive again,' he added. 'With my head completely still I can see but if I want to look left or right then I have to turn my whole head because my left eye doesn't move properly.

'It's been the biggest nightmare. I wake up every day with this striking reminder when I look in the mirror.'

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Ogogo hopes a plan of action can be forged with one of the specialists this week before returning to the US later in 2017 to undergo more surgery.

The Lowestoft middleweight insists he knows the dangers of yet more work on his eye.

'I'm only doing this to resume my boxing career,' he said. 'I know the dangers of surgery – I know that blindness is a potential possibility.

'But I'm so desperate to get back in the boxing ring.

'If I was to give up now I would be the most horrible, bitter person because I've not been able to give it my best shot.

'I know many boxers would have given up by now but I'm still plugging away looking for the answer.

'Whether it's another operation or five – I will do what I have to do.

'Four people I've seen have already said that I shouldn't box again but that just makes me more determined to find an answer.'

MORE: Anthony Ogogo keeping his eyes on the prizePictures: Alison Armstrong Photography

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