Anthony Ogogo’s message to fans ahead of semi-final

ANTHONY Ogogo last night delivered a final message to his fans ahead of his Olympic semi-final against Brazilian Esquiva Falcao Florentino this afternoon: I'm ready.

The 23-year-old has already secured a bronze medal after seeing off Stefan Hartel on Monday night but Ogogo's hunger for glory has not been sated – only gold will see to that.

Writing in his latest blog, Ogogo said: 'I'm ready. I want my place in that Olympic final. I want the whole nation roaring me on. The venue, the atmosphere, the exhilaration of hearing the crowd chanting your name, that's what I live for, it's what I train for, diet for and work so damn hard for.

'I want the opportunity to fight for the gold medal and more than anything I want to become Olympic champion. To do that I must beat the Brazilian on Friday afternoon.

'I know I can do this. I will do this.'

Ogogo admitted he is on a revenge mission against Falcao, who plunged his Olympic dream into doubt when he lost to the Brazilian at the World Championships last year. It later emerged Ogogo had sustained a serious shoulder, which required surgery, and now the Triple ABC fighter wants to set the record straight.

'I know the Brazilian well, he beat me on his way to winning a bronze medal at last year's world championships,' added Ogogo, who hopes to fight for gold on Sunday night should he beat Falcao.

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'He inflicted the most painful defeat I had ever succumbed to. The winner of that fight qualified for the Olympics and unfortunately it was him not me.

'He went on to win a bronze medal and return to Brazil a hero whereas I went straight from the plane to the hospital bed and had my arm operated on. At the time of the fight it felt like my arm was just strands away from falling off my body.'

Ogogo will at least be able to count on the support of 10,000 fans at The Excel Arena whilst many more at home will be roaring him on in front of the television this afternoon. 'He's going to pose questions for me,' he added. 'But in front of that crowd with this confidence I've got now, I really believe I can beat anybody.'