Anthony Ogogo ready to rough it against Wayne Reed

Anthony Ogogo is in action against Wayne Reed in Liverpool on Saturday night.

Anthony Ogogo is in action against Wayne Reed in Liverpool on Saturday night. - Credit: PA

Anthony Ogogo is looking to get up close and personal when he takes on Wayne Reed at the Echo Arena in Liverpool on Saturday night.

The 25-year-old, from Lowestoft, has gained praise for his technical approach during his six victories so far in his professional career. However, Olympic bronze medallist Ogogo revealed he is looking to take a more 'rugged' approach against the Sheffield fighter, who has a record of 10 wins and eight losses.

'I'm looking to do more work on the inside, which is something I've not always been used to,' said Ogogo, who has enjoyed three stoppages since turning professional with Golden Boy Promotions at the start of 2013. 'In the amateur ranks it's all about landing nice clean punches which are highly visible for the judges to score.

'In professional boxing you want to throw sneaky shots which your opponent can't see coming. It's not something that I've done before and I want to get better at it. I want to be a bit more rugged.

'Professional boxing is about entertainment and punters like to see that sort of thing. You want people to watch you and like your boxing style. Because I am a good technical boxer opponents are not going to try and out-box me. They are probably going to try and get inside and rough me up.

'That's something I've got to deal with and I've been watching a lot of old footage from the 50s and 60s to learn a bit more.'

Ogogo acknowledges Reed won't be a pushover on Merseyside. Reed, 26, has mixed it with quality fighters in the past including British champion Kenny Anderson and former world title holder Robin Reid.

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'He's a decent fighter – his record of 10-8 might not scream brilliant but he has been up against some very good fighters.

'I've been watching some footage of him in action and in all of them the commentators have remarked upon what a durable opponent he is. He only loses against good boxers so I think it's going to be a good fight.

'He normally fights at supermiddleweight so he is used to coming up against bigger boxers. He will be the biggest and strongest fighter I've come up against so far.'

Coming up against a southpaw boxer presents its own challenge for Ogogo, who struggled against left-handers towards the end of his amateur days due to a long-standing shoulder problem. However, he doesn't anticipate any issues now his shoulder is operating at full capacity.

'They don't worry me but towards the end of my time as an amateur they gave me a bit of trouble simply because my shoulder was only operating at 50 per cent,' he said. 'It's at 100 per cent now so it doesn't worry me at all. It will be good for me to come up against a different type of fighter though. To keep making progress I've got to come up against these sorts of challenges. When I'm challenging for titles the fighter I'm coming up against could be a southpaw – you wouldn't want that to be your first time against it.'

Ogogo revealed he could have been a southpaw had they noticed during his first visits to the gym that he was left-handed.

'When I went along to the gym for the first time they obviously taught me in the orthodox stance,' he added.

'It was only after a few months they noticed when I wrote that I used my left hand.

'It suits me though as when you're an orthodox fighter you throw a lot of left hand punches.'

You can watch Ogogo's fight on Sky Sports One. 'Fight Night' starts at 7pm tomorrow.