Another big turn-out for Squibs on Oulton Broad

The wind switched to the south for the weekend, making starts difficult. Although the rain did not really arrive it was damp enough to make life fairly unpleasant on Oulton Broad on Sunday.

The first Fast Handicap race followed what has become the normal this winter with the same boats contending for the top places.

Richard Fryer, in his RS400, and Duncan Madin, in his RS100, were the leaders, but again were not far enough in front to save their handicap. Ben Falat in his Phantom picked up a couple of places early on and his third place on the water was good enough to move him up to another win. Back in seventh place but leading the Lasers was Alan Cone and he moved up to second while Nick Favell moved up from fourth to third.

The Squibs again had 12 boats out to make them the largest class once again. Richard Dell was the early leader but on the first long run down the Broad he was passed by David Gooch, Jim Tubby and Richard Sullivan. Jim made a better rounding of the gybe mark to take a lead he never lost as the course became something of a procession.

The second Fast Handicap race results were almost a carbon copy of the first, the main difference being that David Frary in his Finn took the place of Alan Cone who was sailing in the Laser class which he won comfortably from Veronica Falat who changed from her Streaker in the first race to a Laser with Jonathon Jones taking third.

The same three Squibs took the leading three places although David Gooch and Clair Grasby pulled out a good lead from Jim Tubby and Richard Parker with Richard Sullivan and Sue Harper recording another third place.

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