Angling results and fixtures

Open and club match results and fixtures.


Bridge Farm

Thursday 2nd May: 1st Michael Whittaker (Daiwa Angling Direct) 134lb 8ozs, 2nd Dave Bates (Bridge Farm) 79lb 6ozs, 3rd Peter Dimmer (Mulbarton) 74lb 10ozs

Two Day Festival

Sunday 5th May: 1st Gary Bamberry (Oakwood) 124lb 14ozs, 2nd Rob Wright (Browning Hotrods) 124lb 6ozs, 3rd Dave Whitman (Oakwood) 109lb 2ozs

Most Read

Monday 6th May: 1st Rob Wright (Browning Hotrods) 156lb 8ozs, 2nd Gary Eales (Oakwood) 142lb 0ozs, 3rd John Weedon (Maver Image) 104lb 14ozs

Overall Winner on Points: 1st Rob Wright 2points 280lb 14ozs, 2nd Dave Bates 4points 153lb 6ozs, 3rd Gary Eales 5points 216lb 4ozs

Colton: D Jarvis (DAD) 133-01; K Gibson (DAD) 99-06; D Mallett (Costessey Crown) 84-08. Cross Drove: (Sat) J Heeps (Poplets) 124-02; T Evans (Middy) 64-00; J Thompson (Cross Drove) 61-04. Mill Farm (Sun): S Denmark (Norwich) 170-00; G Young (Tunnel Barn) 108-08; L Hall (Somerton) 71-04. (Mon): S Denmark (Norwich) 103-08; J Vincent (Thetford) 79-00; K Bird (Banham) and S Elmar (Fakenham) 75-04. Hill Farm: K Clarke (Acle) 51-09; C Spelman (Nomads) 42-00; C Wright (Lopham) 38-11. Railway: A Major (Visitor) 103-03; M Henry (Norwich) 87-01; A Playford (Norwich) 70-12.

Dereham & District A.C.

Park Farm on Sunday 5/4/13: 1st Les Beecroft 67lb 2oz, 2nd Steve Brown 30lb 4oz, 3rd Richard Rackham 20lb 4oz

Marsh Trail 20 day Festival

Day 1 A Lake: M. Taylor 30 lbs 13 ozs; I. Cochrane 30 lbs 4 ozs; N. Cooke 29 lbs 8 ozs.

C Lake: T. Burden 55 lbs; N. Knights 47 lbs 12 ozs; D. Forrester 44 lbs 4 ozs.

Day 2: A Lake: K. Howard 46 lbs 7 ozs; J. Catchpole 38 lbs 15 ozs. G. Button 29 lbs.

C LAKE: A. Norfield 76 lbs 4 ozs; N. Shipp 48 lbs 10 ozs; M. Runacres 36 lbs 9 ozs.

Points overall: Overall Kevin Howard 84 lbs 8 ozs; G. Button 71 lbs 7 ozs; N. Shipp 67 lbs 8 ozs; N. Knights 64 lbs 8 ozs.

Marsh Trail Lakes Festival

Twenty-seven anglers contested for the title over two days fishing lakes A and C. Based on a points system over the two days, 1350 lb of fish was weighed in.

Day 1 Lake A: 1st Mark Taylor 30lb 13oz, 2nd Ian Cochrane 30lb 4oz, 3rd Neville Cook 29lb 8oz, 4th Alan Nobbs 20lb 7oz. Day 1 Lake C: 1st Tony Burden 55lb, 2nd Nigel Knights 47lb 12oz, 3rd Dave Forrester 44lb 4oz, 4th Ove Jinkerson 43lb. Day 2 Lake A: 1st Kevin Howard 46lb 7oz, 2nd John Catchpole 38lb 15oz, 3rd Gary Button 29lb, 4th Neil Gibbens 22lb 2oz. Day 2 Lake C: 1st Scott Norfield 76lb 4oz, 2nd Nigel Shipp 48lb 10oz, 3rd Mal Runacres 36lb 9oz, 4th Alan Ling 36lb

Overall positions over the two days four anglers tied on 8 points: 1st Kevin Howard 8 points (84lb 8oz), 2nd Gary Button 8 points (71lb 7oz), 3rd Nigel Shipp 8 points (67lb 8oz), 4th Nigel Knights 8 points (64lb 8oz)

DMDAA Match, May 5th, Clay Pit

1st Alan Gallagher (miracle baits) 96lb 8oz, 2nd Malcolm Plumb 52lb 6oz, 3rd Mark 22lb 6oz


Norfolk and Suffolk Vets, Topcroft: M Dobson 44-12; D Roe 44-11; A Gibbons 31-01. Aldeby: R Chapman 28-11; D Roe 14-02; M Runacres 12-01. Bergh Apton: P Manthorpe 130-07; E Peek 70-05; D Needs 43-15. EAPS, Brook: P Cooper 20-02; M Morley 12-10; B Cary 8-10. Wymondham, Wicklewood: J Ducker 31-12; R Crisp 29-01; M Edwards 28-00. Fakenham, Barford: R Walton 40-08; D Playford 33-02; S English 30-10. Zenith, Bergh Apton: S barnes 59-04; R Thurston 58-04; R Austrin 56-07. Codgers, Railway: R Harris 94-09; J Bannester 52-01; J Tink 39-14. Willow: B Martin 79-08; T Wright 61-15; J Thomson 45-14. CMG, Barford: T Brown 93-00; G Gosling 30-08; K Emmett 28-12. Freed man, Barford: S Humphrey 55-08; S Champman 51-14; T Trapnell 49-00. Codgers, Abbey Waters: R Taylor 65-04; T Wright 55-06; J Tink 39-09. Oddfellows, Abbey Waters: T Gray 133-00; G Meakin 92-14; N Kopti 72-12. Attleborough MG, Abbey Waters: M Wiles 150-12; K Chaplin 107-00; K Green 85-13. Stalham, Willow: D Wright 70-02; M Seaman 60-14; A Watson 52-02.


Barfod/Fox: May 9 Barford, May 11 Alden Memorial, note café open Thurs-Sun, 01603 759624.

Mill Farm: May 12, 13, 01953 452769.

Marsh Trail Lakes Open Lake A Saturday 11th May

Draw 9am fish 10 – 4pm £19.00 per head all in fee, Optional Golden / Silver/ pegs standing at £200. Maximum 20-peg match, please phone to book. Contact John 01502 586284/07766 697873