Angling results and fixtures

Open and club match results and fixtures.


Marsh Trail Lakes Open Lake C: Alan Nobbs 22lb 8oz, Nigel Shipp 17lb, Neil Gibbens 9lb 12oz. Section A: John Catchpole 5lb 8oz. Section B: Alan Ling 8oz

Lenwade Pike Festival: D Weston (Norfolk) 35lb 6oz, C Lonsdale (Cambs) 19lb 2oz, R Howes (Norwich) 10lb 7oz (23 pike weighed in)

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Cobbleacre: (Tues) F Anderson (Norwich) 21lb 5oz, D Pike (Norwich) 18lb 6oz, C George (Norwich) 17lb 1oz. (Sat): S Rouse (Martham) 31lb 10oz, C Gladding (Rhino) 17lb 8oz, M Seaman (Aylsham) 9lb 9oz

Hill Farm, Banham: N Collins (Kenninghall) 41lb 11oz, N Page (Old Buckenham) 12lb 15oz, D Chadwick (Wymondham) 9lb 7oz

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Haddiscoe: A Gibbons (NDAA) 15lb 0oz, B Bygrave (NDAA) 12lb 0oz, C Colby (Vets ) 4lb 0oz

Mill Farm (Sat): S Kindlisides (East Harling) 61lb 12oz, G Hall (Norwich) 23lb 14oz, K Clarke (Acle) 17lb 12oz. (Mon): K Bird (Banham) 37lb 4oz, N Paske (Dereham) 24lb 12oz, J Rush (Norwich) 21lb 15oz

Barford: G Tebb (Norwich) 41lb 4oz, N Shipp (Norfolk) 38lb 8oz, R Patrick ( Oddfellows) 31lb 11oz

Railway/Willow: S Milne (Norwich) 35lb 11oz, G Martin (Barford) 33lb 13oz, A Tuck (Suffolk) 31lb 3oz


Harleston, Wortwell & Dist AC (Middle Pit): Chris Knights jnr 38lb 10oz, Karl Dowse 22lb 10oz, David Redgrave 7lb 2oz

Norfolk and Suffolk Vets (Beccles): P Manthorpe 6lb 14oz, M Hanks 4lb 14oz, J Beckham 4lb 5oz

Topcroft: L Higgins 7lb 12oz, M Hanks 7lb 4oz, C Colby 4lb 9oz

Dukes, R Wensum: N Goose 8lb 2oz, S James 7lb 6oz, L Brown 6lb 8oz

UG (Railway): C Marshall 21lb 0oz, S Whiting 17lb 8oz, L Self 8lb 0oz

Oddchaps (Barford): M Mancini 22lb 4oz, D Mason 18lb 10oz, T Gray 17lb 14oz

Mulbarton (Litcham): G Kettle 36lb 9oz, C Townsend 25lb 0oz, P Dimmer 14lb 10oz

Attleborough MG (Abbey Waters): R Park 24lb 1oz, K Green 14lb 13oz, T Bostock 8lb 12oz

Codgers (Barford): R Taylor 29lb 0oz, J Tink 15lb 11oz, M Girling 12lb 10oz

Railway: T Lear 25lb 12oz, A Farrow 20lb 12oz, R Ashby 19lb 6oz


Marsh Trail Lakes Open Lake A: Saturday, draw 9am, fish 10am–3pm, £19 per head all in fee, optional gold and silver pegs standing at £200, maximum 20-peg match, contact David 01502 476219 or 07913 115610

Wensum Valley Challenge: March 9, 10, 01603 400973

Mill Farm: Saturday, Monday, 01953 452769

Barford/Fox: Tomorrow, Saturday, both Railway, Sunday, Winter League, 01603 759624


Oddfellows: AGM Tuesday, Fiveways pub, 8pm

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