Angling results and fixtures

Open and club match results and fixtures.


Marsh Trail Lakes Open Lake C: Frank Ling 13lb 10oz, Ian Cochrane 11lb 8oz, Alan Ling 11lb 0oz. Section A: Eddie Davidson 5lb 5oz. Section B: Philip Trevor 7lb 8oz

Bridge Farm, Litcham (Thu): Bill Bullock (Dereham & District AC) 30lb 6oz, Dave Bates (Dereham & District AC) 29lb 11oz, Sean Greatbatch (Hinderclay) 22lb 6oz. (Sun): Tony Brook (Fish a mania) 128lb 15oz, Dave Bates (Dereham & District AC) 50lb 14oz, Pete Ashton (Fakenham) 28lb 8oz.

Barford Winter League Round 2: D Brydon (Sax Angling) 64lb 10oz, M Bunting (JB) 54lb 13oz, V Cross (Sax Angling) 47lb 7oz, R Young (Hot Rods) 38lb 0oz. Teams: Hot Rods 17pp, Sax Angling 19, Deben Select 22. League Hot Rods 37, Barford 44, Sax Angling 47.

Angling Direct Series (River Wensum): M Hanks (Suffolk AD) 52lb 1oz, T Bindley (Daiwa AD) 50lb 13oz, M Pope (Earlham Silvers) 18lb 0oz, P Swan (Daiwa AD) 10lb 15oz

Cobble Acre (Tue): D Goodwin (N Walsham) 25lb 5oz, J Randell (Sensas) 14lb 0oz, C George (Norwich) 7lb 7oz. (Wed): M Seaman (Aylsham) 63lb 11oz, K Ashman (Aylsham) 59lb 12oz, J Randell (Sensas) 33lb 3oz. (Sat) J Randell (Sensas) 20lb 5oz, A Gibbons (NDAA) 11lb 8oz, R Smart (Norwich) 5lb 4oz

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Mill Farm (Sat): S Kindleysides (East Harling) 39lb 12oz, K Bird (Banham) 29lb 7oz, M Alexander (Wymondham) 32lb 12oz. (Mon): K Bird (Banham) 45lb 4oz, Jane Burrows (Banham) 37lb 6oz, P Baglietto (Kevs) 31lb 0oz

Railway: A Tuck (DAD) 46lb 15oz, R Finch (Deben) 43lb 13oz, R Young (Hot Rods) 42lb 6oz

Barford: R Bond (Bury) 35lb 15oz, D Pike (Norwich) 23lb 11oz, C Cooper (PW Angling) 19lb 9oz


Dereham & District AC (Bartles Lodge): Leon Skipper 38lb 6oz, John Laskey 31lb 13oz, Steve Brown 31lb 9oz

Harleston, Wortwell & District AC, Silverfish Series Match 1 (Middle Pit): Chris Knights jnr 18lb 7oz, Mark Taylor 14lb 4oz, Paul Cooper 11lb 10oz, Mal Runacres 9lb 12oz

Norfolk and Suffolk Vets (Beccles) (Tue): D Roe 7lb 13oz, J Beckham 6lb 8oz, P Manthorpe 5lb 6oz. (Thu): D Roe 13lb 6oz, A Gibbons 9lb 11oz, J Beckham 7lb 14oz

EAPS (Rockland): P Cooper 6lb 4oz, A Clarke 5lb 13oz, R Nunn 5lb 3oz

Zenith (River Wensum): R Napper 4lb 4oz, R Read and P Pope both 2lb 15oz

Attleborough MG (Walnut): A Scarfe 42lb 9oz, M Peeke 26lb 6oz, K Green 25lb 6oz

Wymondham (Colton): M Buxton 38lb 6oz, P Edwards 35lb 12oz, L Kay 23lb 7oz

Codgers (Willow): R Taylor 40lb 0oz, M Girling 29lb 9oz, B Martin 23lb 6oz

Holt SAC (Salthouse): D Conway 6lb 10oz, T Thomas 6lb 2oz, P Thorburn 5lb 5oz (60 whiting and 90 dabs)


Marsh Trail Lakes Open Lake C: Saturday, draw 9am, fish 10am–3pm, £19 per head all in fee, optional gold/silver/bronze pegs standing at £240, maximum 20-peg match, Dave 01502 476219 or 07913 115610.

North Cove & Barnby AC: Club meal and presentation night, Friday, March 14, 7.15pm at North Cove Three Horseshoes. Subsidised costs for club members and guests, names to Richard by Friday, March 8, 01502 514682 or 07796 437381

Bridge Farm, Litcham: Tomorrow, 01328 701699

Open Pike Festival (Bridge Inn, Lenwade): February 23, draw 8am, fish 9am-3pm, £15, optional pools, post match drinks and curry, Mo Morris 01603 872248

Cobble Acre: New Saturday series, February 9, 01692 503014

Mill Farm: Saturday, Monday, 01953 452769.

Barford/Fox: Tomorrow Barford, Saturday Railway/Willow, 01603 759624

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