Angling results and fixtures

Open and club match results and fixtures.


Bridge Farm, Litcham: John Buck (Bridge Farm) 145lb 14oz, Robert Walton 113lb 8oz, Dave Bates (Dereham & District AC) 112lb 8oz.

Marsh Trail lakes Open Lake A: Chris Knights 26lb 12oz, Matt Read 24lb 9oz, Colin Davey 22lb 13oz. Section A: Mac Collett 20lb 0oz. Section B: Philip Trevor 20lb 14oz

Suffolk Team of Five League (River Yare): B Gooch (Diawa AD Gold) 12lb 5oz, M Bartrum (Daiwa AD Black) 12lb 1oz, M Mirgaux (Deben Select) 12lb 0oz, K Bland (Daiwa AD Black) 11lb 12oz, P Abbott (Deben Select) 10lb 14oz. Teams on day: Daiwa AD Black 16 penalty points, Deben Select 17, Suffolk AD Gold 18, Diawa AD Red 24. Final League Table: DAD Black 14, DAD Gold 18, DAD Red and Deben Select 23, DAD Blue 37, Bait Tech 38, Sonu AD 45, NDAA 46, DAD White 49, Waveney Juniors 51. Knockout Final: DAD Black 39lb 6oz, DAD Gold 39lb 0oz

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NISA Feeder League (River Yare): W Anderson (Daiwa AD) 20lb 10oz, A Gibbons (NDAA) 17lb 0oz, M Runachres (Deben) and P Abbott (Deben) 16lb 7oz, D Grimsey (Maver Image) 16lb 4oz

Mill Farm (Sun): G Young (Tunnel Barn) 87lb 4oz, R Smith (Anglers Corner) 70lb 0oz, C Nicholls (Norwich) 55lb 0oz. (Mon): K Clarke (Acle) 46lb 0oz, G Young (Tunnel Barn) 45lb 0oz, D Maygimm (Tacolneston) 43lb 0oz

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Hill Farm, Banham: N Page (Old Buckenham) 57lb 9oz, K Clarke (Acle) 55lb 4oz, S Rouse (Martham) 49lb 7oz

West Norfolk Challenge (Great Ouse Estuary): R Ellis (Dereham) 4lb 0oz, M Gooch (Lowestoft) 3lb 5oz, I Alison (Dereham) 3lb 4oz. League: R Ellis 7pts, J Carter 8, T Thomas 8. Pairs Champions: Ellis, Alison 16lb 4oz

Cross Drove (Wed): M Woods (Emneth) 11lb 10oz, M Pollard (Shimano) 88lb 9oz, S Bracey (Dynamite) 84lb 9oz. (Sat): H Wheeler (Dynamite) 90lb 9oz, M Woods (Emneth) 83lb 4oz, J Barrowman (PW Angling) 76lb 9oz

Barford (Thu): P Gardiner (Barford Tackle) 75lb 12oz, J Gill (Barford Tackle) 67lb 4oz, M Wiles (AMG) 44lb 1oz. (Sat): M Rowntree (Norwich) 65lb 2oz, M Wiles (AMG) 57lb 2oz, D Reeve (Daiwa AD) 54lb 3oz.


Bungay Cherry Tree AC (Broome Kidney): T Buck 30lb 2oz, J Buck 26lb 12oz, R Patrick 25lb 3oz.

Wroxham AC, Wicklewood: Gary Anderson 38lb 12oz, Alan Seaman 36lb 8oz, Mark Tibbitts 35lb 6oz.

North Cove & Barnby AC: Don Painton 18lb 4oz, Jason Plume 7lb 5oz, Reg Halliday 6lb 3oz.

Wroxham AC (Wicklewood): Gary Anderson 38lb 12oz, Alan Seaman 36lb 8oz, Mark Tibbitts 35lb 6oz

Norfolk and Suffolk Vets (Topcroft): D Roe 43lb 10oz, M Dobson 41lb 5oz, C Colby 31lb 2oz. (Aldeby): C Colby 29lb 7oz, G Finch 26lb 14oz, B Bygraves 24lb 0oz

Norfolk Police (River Thurne): P Creasy 23lb 13oz, M Brown 19lb 14oz, M Dossena 13lb 13oz

Romany (Bartels Lodge): C Inners 144lb 12oz, T Smith 142lb 2oz, P Smith 90lb 0oz

UG (Colton): R Smart 99lb 0oz, T Britcher 62lb 6oz, T Brown 61lb 4oz

Stalham (Dilham): M Charlewood 23lb 12oz, D Agess 15lb 12oz, K Lawson 8lb 0oz

EAPS (River Yare): S Watts 16lb 12oz, A Clarke 15lb 9oz, A Toogood 15lb 0oz

Codgers (Holly Farm): A Forest 95lb 12oz, A Farrow 79lb 10oz, R Harris 73lb 10oz

Attlebourgh MG (Besthorpe): M Peeke 44lb 14oz, A Scarf 29lb 15oz, C Wright 17lb 14oz

Costessey Crown (Abbey Waters): M Cooke 74lb oz, C Watker 66lb 12oz, T Wright 66lb 14oz

Aylsham (Barford): M Seaman 101lb 7oz, D Sparkes 52lb 12oz, C Isbell 41lb 9oz

Zenith (Melton Ponds): J Broomfield 61lb 6oz, R Napper 46lb 11, B Smith 44lb 1oz

Oddfellows (Barford): J Gill 108lb 6oz, N Kopti 96lb 14oz, R Patrick 62lb 12oz

Lacons (Willow): A Dorling 73lb 0oz, D Cooke 52lb 7oz, T Hancock 51lb 9oz

Codgers (Colton): M Girling 55lb 9oz, R Taylor 39lb 2oz, J Tink 38lb 8oz

Freed Man (Abbey Waters): S Chapman 103lb 4oz, A Humphrey 35lb 0oz, P Lovett 32lb 4oz

Dukes (Willow): J Lowe 71lb 2oz, C Urry 56lb 0oz, I Bailey 49lb 1oz

Norwich Disabled (Railway): P Smith 47lb 8oz, B Ramsbottom 39lb 0oz, D Tidd 24lb 0oz

Nomads (Barford): B Ramsbottom 69lb 10oz, G Button 57lb 4oz, M Warman 52lb 8oz


Bridge Farm, Litcham: Tomorrow 01328 701699.

Bridge Farm will be running a winter league on the following dates: October 7, 21 November 4, 18.

Marsh Trail Lakes Open Lake C: Saturday, draw 9am, fish 10am–4pm, �19 per head all in fee, optional golden and silver pegs standing at �150. Maximum 20-peg match, David 07913 115610 or 01502 476219.

North Cove & Barnby AC Open Match: The annual Claude Larkin cup will be fished on the River Waveney at North Cove on Sunday, September 23. Draw club car park 9am, fish 10.30am–3.30pm, �10 a head all in fee. Richard 01502 514682 or 07796 437381.

NDAA: September 23, teams of four, Rivers Bure and Thurne, 01603 400973.

Mill Farm: Tomorrow, Sunday, Monday, 01953 452769.

Barford/Fox: Tomorrow and Saturday, Willow, 01603 759624.

Diary date: Broads Angling Strategy Group annual meeting, September 27, Kingfisher House, Norwich, 7 for 7.30pm. All anglers welcome.

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