Angling results and fixtures

Open and club match results and fixtures.


Bridge Farm, Litcham: Shaun Greatbatch (Hinderclay) 120lb 6oz, Dave Bates (Dereham & District AC) 108lb 12oz, Paul Baglietto (Kevs) 104lb 4oz.

Marsh Trail Lakes Open Lake A: Tony Burden 35lb 1oz, Gary Button 30lb 3oz, John Catchpole 21lb 2oz. Section A: Frank Ling 18lb 9oz. Section B: Neville Cook 19lb 13oz. Bungay Cherry Tree AC Open Junior Match: S Ruthven 3lb 11oz, B Ruthven 2lb 8oz, Stephen Buck 1lb 12oz.

Suffolk and Norfolk League (River Yare): K Bland (Daiwa Ad Black) 15lb 12oz, D Brydon (Sonu AD) 15lb 6oz, J Platten (Bait Tech) 14lb 10oz, A Gibbons (NDAA) 14lb 2oz, M Pollard (Daiwa AD Gold) 12lb 10oz. Teams Daiwa AD Gold 16 penalty points, Daiwa AD Black 17oz, Sonu AD 19oz, Daiwa AD Blue and NDAA both 27oz. Leading standings DAD Black 13oz, DAD Gold 15oz, DAD Red 19oz

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NISA Feeder League (River Yare): W Anderson (Daiwa AD) 36lb 9oz, A Gibbons (NDAA) 18lb 14oz, N Porter (Biggleswade) 16lb 12oz, B Gooch (Daiwa AD) 16lb 0oz, J Taylor (SENSAS Mark 1) 15lb 13oz, R Bryanton (Deben) 14lb 0oz

Barford evening: R Patrick (Oddfellows) 46lb 2oz, M Bradford (Fakenham) 30lb 13oz, K Green (AMG) 30lb 12oz. Series winner M Bradford 8 penalty points, runner up K Ford 10

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Railway: C Copper (PW Angling) 101lb 7oz, M Whiles (Attleborough) 92lb 5oz, D Goodwin (North Walsham) 72lb 15oz. Willow: G Martin (Barford Tackle) 39lb 2oz, D Reeve (Daiwa AD) 36lb 10oz, R Hopkins (Norwich) 29lb 15oz. Hill Farm, Banham: W Chapman (Harleston) 76lb 8oz, K Clarke (Acle) 68lb 8oz, A Freeman (Poringland) 41lb 0oz. Mill Farm (Sun): K Clarke (Acle) 100lb 4oz, Charlene Beales (Attleborough) 92lb 14oz, R Smith (Fakenham) 77lb 2oz. (Mon): A Forrest (Dereham) 93lb 12oz, D Magimm (Tacolston) 75lb 4oz, M Paske (Downham) 74lb 12

West Norfolk Challenge (Ouse Estuary): A Dorkings (South Downs) 4lb 13oz, D Conway (Holt) 3lb 5oz, T Thomas (Holt) 2lb 14oz


North Cove & Barnby AC (River Waveney): Chris Bird 19lb 1oz, Keith Davey 12lb 8oz, John Halliday 8lb 7oz

Bungay Cherry Tree AC (Ellingham Waveney): G Howard 8lb 14oz, C Balaam 8lb 8oz (1st and 2nd in Match and Winning pair, pegs 7 and 9); W Kilbourne 4lb 9oz. Dereham & District AC (Swanton Morley, Curlys Lake): Neil Paske 19lb 0oz, Les Beecroft 15lb 1oz, Dave Bates 12lb 2oz. Shrublands AC (Night Match): A Mears 41lb 12oz, K Howlett 8lb 11oz, T Lark 8lb 7oz. North Walsham Kingfishers AC (Gimmingham Lakes): Dave Jones 10lb 8oz, Bob Isbell 5lb 7oz, Ivan 2lb 15oz

Norfolk and Suffolk Vets (Topcroft): M Runacres 55lb 14oz, D Brand 43lb 13oz, A Sutter 40lb 1oz

Aldeby: D Roe 29lb 10oz, M Dobson 21lb 8oz, M Runacres 20lb 13oz

Norfolk Police (River Yare): M Dossena 16lb 0oz, P Creasy 14lb 6oz, M Brown 10lb 0oz

Mulbarton (Topcroft): J Ward 61lb 3oz, S Fowler 45lb 9oz, G Kettle 36lb 8oz

Romany (Colton): M Friend 27lb 0oz, S Read 21lb 4oz, P Smith 18lb 1oz

Earlham Silvers (River Yare): P Swan 15lb 4oz, P Cooper 13lb 7oz, D Gooch 9lb 1oz

Stalham (Dilham): P Lawson 18lb 8oz, D Agass 15lb 14oz, T Wilkinson 15lb 12oz

Mulbarton (Barford): G Kettle 51lb 8oz, T Day 41lb 14oz, G Ward 33lb 0oz

Wicklewood: S Parker 46lb 2oz, S Fowler 30lb 12oz, C Townsend 30lb 8oz

Zenith (Railway): J Read 44lb 6oz, J Broomfield 31lb 15oz, B Smith 31lb 8oz

Bergh Apton: R Gregson 121lb 9oz, P Pope 103lb 15oz, J Broomfield 88lb 4oz

Wymondham (Shropham): P Edwards 33lb 12oz, M Edwards 22lb 8oz, L King 13lb 14oz

Attleborough MG (Mill Lake): K Green 71lb 6oz, T Matthews 52lb 11oz, T Kitchen 33lb 5oz

Beccles (Haddiscoe): D Brand 61lb 8oz, C Colby 33lb 14oz, M Youngman 24lb 15oz. (Summer League): K Howlett 179lb 7oz, K Brown 146lb 7oz, M Youngman 144lb 7oz

Costessy Crown (Railway): J Pulford 44lb 4oz, M McEwen 39lb 12oz, A Trett 39lb 11oz. Aylsham (Shallowbrook): R Turton 17lb 4oz, D Easter 8lb 4oz, C Beales 7lb 5oz. NR Ashphalt (Hill Farm): R Collings 102lb 5oz, D Yaxley 60lb 5oz, J Wilkin 49lb 8oz

Codgers (Railway): R Harris 68lb 0oz, C Bale 59lb 10oz, M Girling 52lb 7oz. Oddfellows (Barford): J Gill 56lb 4oz, D Mason 47lb 4oz, F Macini 45lb 10oz. Freedman (Willow): S Humphery 70lb 0oz, D Creed 49lb 14oz, S Chapman 43lb 0oz

Woodbridge (Abbey Waters): M Dorey 116lb 4oz, M Storey 73lb 2oz, D Fraser 69lb 4oz

Codgers (Colton): G Stokes 56lb 6oz, R Taylor 42lb 12oz, M Hunt 32lb 0oz. Lacons (Colton): P Nicholls 26lb 1oz, A Dorling 17lb 5oz, T Durret 15lb 3oz. Holt SAC (King Lynn Esturay, Accumulator Series): D Conway 3lb 5oz, T Thomas 2lb 14oz, I Allison 2lb 11oz. Overall: J Carter 143 pts, H Randell 133, T Thomas 131


Bridge Farm, Litcham: Tomorrow – 01328 701699.

Marsh Trail Lakes Open Lake C: Saturday, draw 9am, fish 10am-4pm, �19 per head all in, optional golden and silver pegs standing at �200, maximum 20lb peg match, call 01502 476219 or 07913 115610.

North Cove & Barnby AC: Club Match, Saturday, August 25, draw car park 12noon, fish 1–6pm

Barford/Fox: Tomorrow Railway. Four Day Festival Friday-Monday inclusive Four Lakes entry �120, 01603 759624

Mill Farm: Sunday, Monday 01953 452769

NDAA Summer League Final Round: Sunday Rivers Bure and Thurne

Paul Day Memorial for EA Ambulance: September 2, 01603 400973

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