Angling results and fixtures

Open and club match results and fixtures.


Bridge Farm, Litcham: Peter Dimmer (Mulbarton AC) 69lb 6oz, Sean Greatbatch (Hinderclay) 61lb 12oz, Dave Bates (Dereham & District AC) 61lb 0oz.

Bridge Farm Litcham on 5/7/12

1st Peter Dimmer Mulbarton a.c. 69lb 6oz, 2nd Sean Greatbatch Hinderclay 61lb 12oz, 3rd Dave Bates Dereham @ District a.c. 61lb 0oz

next match is on 12/7/12 to book ring 01328701699

Marsh Trail lakes Open Lake C

Most Read

1st Alan Ling 53lb 14oz, 2nd Glen Burden 52lb 1oz, 3rd Chris Knights 38lb 10oz, Winner section (A) Tony Burden 32lb 9oz, section (B) Philip Trevor 16lb 2oz.

Dereham @ District club match at Bridge Farm Litcham on Sunday 8/7/12

1st Dave Bates 105lb 2oz, 2nd Steve Brown 90lb 12oz, 3rd Neil Paske 85lb 15oz

NDAA League, rivers Bure and Thurne, round two: M Browne (Wymondham) 34-00, C Collins (AD Sonu) 31-13, A Farrow (Wymondham) 25-06, J Parnell (PW Angling) 23-01. Teams on day: Division A -D Sonu 35 points, DAIWA AD Black & Tackle Shop both 33, division B PW Angling 34, Yarmouth Sportsmans 30. Standings: A - Tackle Shop and DAD Black both 15, B - PW Angling 16, Sportsmans 12. NISA Feeder League, river Yare, round four: P Abbott (Deben) 32-12, D Botely (DAIWA AD) 30-06, M Pollard (Suffolk AD) 28-04, M Haverson (Deben) 27-04, M Runacres (Deben) 23-00, C Jakubowski (Deben) 22-04. Hill Farn, Banham: A Scarfe (Attlebourough MG) 75-14, Jane Burrows (Banham) 56-11, T Kitchen (AMG) 50-04. Mill Farm, Sun: C Clarke (Acle) 94-12, M Alexander (Wymondham) 78-04, J Turner (Norwich) 34-12. Hill Farm, Mon: N Paske (Downham) 87-14, R Kent (Jolly Boys) 81-00, J Rush (Dereham) 55-06. Colton: A Hilton (Long Stratton) 118-15, A Leavold (Norwich) 41-02, J Randell (Sensas) 36-12. Raliway: D Cooper (Norwich) 170-05, R King (Barford Tackle) 139-05, P Ashford (Barford Tackle) 128-13. Willow: A Playford (Norwich) 111-04, R King (Barford) 80-03, P Ashford (Barford) 72-04. Crossdrove, Weds: S Bracey (Dynamite) 64-14, B Norman (Kevs) 62-10, R King (Barford) 57-12. Sat: S Norman (Kevs) 67-08, J Chalk (Crossdrove) 60-12, G Miller (Maver) 60-00. Sun: A Leathers (Browning HR) 65-08, J Millard (New Market) 65-00. S Wheeler (Dynamite) 61-04.


Dereham & District AC (Bridge Farm, Litcham): Dave Bates 105lb 2oz, Steve Brown 90lb 12oz, Neil Paske 85lb 15oz

North Cove & Barnby A.C Club Match River Waveney

1st Chris Bird 16lb, 2nd Lee Piper 15lb 12oz, 3rd Jason Plume 14lb 12oz.

Norfolk and Suffolk Vets, Hadiscoe: K Bayfiled 48-00, P Manthorpe 31-01, C Colby 29-02. Marsh trail: M Dobson 47-10, D Hawes 27-12, M Runacres 27-09. Topcroft: E Davison 27-12, L Higgins 26-10, D Reynolds 21-15. Dukes, Bartles Lodge: J Lowe 125-00, N Goose 99-08, C Sadler 95-12. Dukes, Five day festival: Day winners, R Thurne: M Tyler 21-06, Railway: N Goose 91-00, R Bure: T Hall 14-01, R Yare: S James 20-08, Barford: D Goose 73-09, Over all D Goose 8 penalty points, N Goose 10 and M Tyler 15. UG, Topcroft: G Dashwood 23-00, D Daglass 22-09, T Masrhall 22-04.

EAPS, Brooke, mid week: A Clarke 20-12, T Clarke 7-03, P Cooper 6-10. Brooke: S Cary 16-13, P Cooper 13-08, A Crabb 8-03. River Yare: S Watts 30-10, T Clarke 16-02, A Clarke 16-00. Viking Whallers, Besthorpe: G Bannister 43-08, K Barnard-Smith 21-01, B Moore 17-12. Railway: G Bannister 68-12, P Millbank 58-00, W Hunter 57-04. Zenith, Bartles Lodge: J Broomfield 115-04, J Reade 83-09, P Pope 59-02. Stalham, Old Stables: M Charlewood 40-04, D Agass 36-02, E Waters 28-08. Romany, Mill Farm: C Nicholls 67-07, C Innes 64-05, P Smith 32-04. Melton Ponds: C Nicholls 48-14, S Read 33-14, P Smith 28-02. Fakenham, Barford: S English 87-07, K Nicholson 78-07, B Smith 70-01. Mulbarton, Creeting: P Dimmer 114-04, C Townsend 83-00, D Potgieter 77-11. Attlebourogh MG, Farm Lake: M Peek 60-04, K Green 60-02, T Matthews 34-12. Grebe, Railway: T Gregorjevs 122-00, J Wilson 109-00, R Garner 86-00. Barford: R Garner 78-00, T Dew 68-00, T Gregorjevs 63-00. Old Thorpe, Barford: L Prest 56-00, S Pritcher 41-00, M Strivens 19-00. Codgers, Colton: M Girling 186-13, L Byford 104-04, R Taylor 69-10. Oddfellows, Willow: J Alden 82-04, T Gray 64-06, C Stevens 61-00. Freedman, Colton: K Didwell 52-04, P Lovett 29-10, S Chapman 28-08. Codgers, Willow: T Wright 54-01, M Hunt 39-15, G Bannister 34-05. Costessy Crown, Suffolk WP: R Yates 37-10, C Watker 35-10, J Collison 31-07.


Bridge Farm, Litcham: Tomorrow, to book ring 01328 701699.

Freshwater Fixtures

Marsh Trail lakes Open Saturday, July 14 Lake A

Draw 9am fish 10 – 4pm �19.00 per head all in fee.

Optional Golden / Silver/ pegs standing at �280

Maximum 20-peg match, please phone to book.

Contact David 01502 476219 / 07913 115610

North Cove & Barnby A.C Club Match

Sunday, July 15 draw club car park 2pm fish 3pm to 8pm

Suffolk League, 14th July, July 17th river Yare. Mill Farm July 12th, draw 12 noon, July 15th, 16th 01953 452769. Barford/Fox TODAY Colton, draw 5pm, July 12th Barford 01603 759624. Crossdrove July 14th, 15th 01842 828102.

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