Angling results and fixtures

Open and club match results and fixtures.


Marsh Trail Lakes Open Lake A: Neville Cook 43lb 0oz, Frank Ling 28lb 4oz, Mal Runacres 26lb 12oz. Section A: Ian Cochrane 22lb 1oz. Section B Jason Plume 21lb 3oz

Bridge Farm Litcham: 1 Neil Paske (Downham Market) 90lb 0oz, 2 Steve Brown (Dereham and District AC) 51lb 0oz, 3 Dave Bates (Bridge Farm) 50lb 12oz.

Next match on June 7. To book ring 01328 701699.

Wroxham AC

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Fishmere Lakes: 1 Peter Norton 42lb 0oz, 2 Alan Seaman 36lb 8oz, 3 Mark Tibbitts 29lb 5oz.

North Walsham Kingfishers AC

Gimmingham Lakes: 1 C Beales 9lb 14oz, 2 D Jones 4lb 13oz, 3 I Allen 3lb 14oz.

Sportsmans Never Turn Back

At Railway: 1 M Bunn 30lb 7oz, 2 A Varley 17lb 15oz, 3 G Hunter 12lb 8oz.

Bridge Farm Litcham

Sunday: 1 Gary Eals (Oakwood Angling) 106lb 4oz, 2 Rob Wright (Image Daiwa) 101lb 14oz, 3 John Weedon (Image Daiwa) 89lb 4oz.

Monday: 1 John Weedon (Image Daiwa) 95lb 0oz, 2 Gary Eals (Oakwood Angling) 65lb 0oz, 3 Dave Whitt (Oakwood Angling) 60lb 10oz.

Fish O'Mania qualifier

Messingham Sands: W Martin (Barford) 178-12 (150 fish from peg 9).

Marsh Trail: N Cook (Lowestoft) 43-00; F Ling (Norwich) 28-04; M Runacres (Deben) 26-12.

Hill Farm, Banham: S Rouse (Martham) 87-09; M Alexander (Wymondham) 44-12; Jane Burrows (Banham) 41-08.

Willow: D Elliot (Harleston) 55-03; P Ashford (Barford) 45-10; C Gladding (Unique) 35-08.

Cross Drove (Wed): T Watling (Cross Drove) 64-08; J Barrowman (TW Tackle) 61-10; G Burden (Cross Drove) 54-07. (Sat): S Clarke (Maver) 121-00; V Cross (Nash Bait) 67-11; R Finch (Deben) 60-10. (Sun): G Kiddell (Big Hits) 58-09; R King (Daiwa AD) 53-12; N Parkinson (Dynamite) 53-04.

Hinderclay: N Shipp (Hinderclay) 84-07; P Alexander (Hinderclay) 40-01; K Chamberlain (Hindercaly) 38-01.

Railway: C Cooper (PW Angling) 51-14; D Goodwin (North Walsham) 41-09; D Cooper (Norwich) 27-05.


Dereham & District AC

Swanton Morley: 1 Neil Paskey 6lb 8oz, 2 Kevin Knights 6lb 4oz, 3 Barry Hubbard 5lb 4oz.

Angling Times Clubman Midland Supercup semi-final, Packington Somers: Qualifiers: Dersingham 30 points; Ridgemere 34; JVAC 37; Alvechurch 37; Finedon 39.

Norfolk and Suffolk Vets, Topcroft: J Hammond 42-10; D Roe 32-12; M Runacres 21-09.

Aldeby: D Roe 35-05; J Hammond 30-00; M Dobson 23-01.

Romany, Holly Farm: S Denmark 89-12; E Townsend 63-00; P Smith 54-12.

Barford: I Saoulos 51-09; T Franklin 43-01; T Smith 38-08.

Dukes, Shallowbrook: S Bowman 39-14; J Lowe 30-08; I Bailey 23-00.

Stalham, Old Stables: D Funnel 25-08; D Hehir 19-04; D Agass 16-05.

Martham, Wicklewood: K Chapman 40-02; L Sayer 27-02; P Beck 22-08.

Viking Whalers, Walnut: S Manley 27-08; K Barnard-Smith 24-08; G Bannister 15-08.

Stag, Barford: C Marshall 63-03; L Smith 54-12; K Jermy 51-00.

Quebec, Barford: S Bartrum 36-00; W Richardson 26-02; M Sturgeon 20-00.

Codgers, Barford: R Harris 55-14; B Brooks 41-10; L Beecroft 41-04.

Barford: R Taylor 61-13; J Chapman 44-10; A Penman 43-09.

Holt SAC, Kelling: S Attew 6-10; I Allison 5-00; P Morse 4-08.


Marsh Trail Lakes Open: Saturday Lake C, draw 9am, fish 10am–4pm, �19 per head all in fee, optional golden and silver pegs standing at �250. Maximum 20-peg match, phone to book. Call Richard on 01502 514682 or 07796 437381.

Marsh Trail, June 9, 07796 437381.

Barford/Fox, June 7 Abbey Waters, June 9 Colton, June 13 evening series draw 5pm, 01603 759624.

Cross Drove, June 9, 10, 01842 828102.

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