Angling results and fixtures

Open and Club match results and fixtures.

• Open Match Results

The Wensum Valley Open Match Championship.

Day 1 pairs: River Wensum, A Gibbons (NDAA) 28lb; Bridge Fishery, B Bygraves (NDAA) 20lb 8oz. Winners: A Gibbons/B Bygraves 48lb 08oz

Day 2: Bridge Inn individual trophy. River Wensum: C Jakubowski (Deben) 23lb 4oz. Bridge Fishery: A Gibbons (NDAA) 31lb 5oz (trophy winner).

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Two day champion: A Gibbons (NDAA) 59lb 5oz, runner up B Bygraves (NDAA) 45lb 12oz.

Heaviest fish: River Wensum, M Morrish chub 5lb 5oz. Lakes, K Westgate carp 7lb 6oz.

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River Yare. K Gibson (Yarmouth) 14lb 6oz, T Anderson (Suffolk AD) 14lb 2oz, P Abbott (Deben) 12lb 14oz.

Hill Farm, Banham. D Maggin (Tacolneston) 24lb 7oz, A Farman (Poringland) 22lb 4oz, G Pearce (Pulham) 15lb 4oz.

Mill Farm (Sun). S Denmark (Norwich) 33lb 8oz, E Townsend (Norwich) 27lb 12oz, M Fleet (Thetford) 25lb 10oz.

Mill Farm (Mon). Jane Burrows (Banham) 28lb 10oz, N Paske (Downham) 27lb 08oz, K Clarke (Mulbarton) 25lb 8oz.

North Norfolk qualifier National Sea League. J Neave (Blakeney Bar) 1lb 10oz, P Thorburn (Morston Creek) 1lb 9oz, D Conway (Right Gear) and M Watts (Morston Creek) both 0lb 15oz. Teams on day: Morston Creek 6 penalty points, Right Gear 8, Avenue Angling 11. Leading standings: Right Gear 38, Morston Creek 44, Avenue Angling 46.

Railway: R King (Barford Tackle) 57lb 12oz; J Randell (Sensas) 38lb 10oz; D Jarvis (AD Suffolk) 37lb 13oz. Barford: W Martin (Barford Tackle) 99lb 9oz; D Goodwin (North Walsham) 35lb 3oz; J Randell (Sensas) 14lb 1oz. Hinderclay: J Randell (Sensas) 30lb 4oz; C Kelly (Suffolk AD) 25lb 8oz; M Hanks (Suffolk AD) 23lb 15. Cross Drove (Wed): M Pollard (Shimano) 55lb 14oz; T Watling (Cross Drove) 53lb 6oz; R Bond (Bury) 41lb 4oz. (Sat): M Pollard (Shimano) 52lb; R Smart (Norwich) 46lb 14oz; R Bond (Bury) 45lb 2oz. (Sun): N Parkinson (Dynamite) 37lb 3oz; J Barrowman (Fox PJA) 31lb 1oz; R Edmondson (Ringers) 28lb 12oz.

Bridge Farm Litcham on 8/3/12

1st Andy Deller Oakwood Angling 75lb 6oz

2nd Ricky James 38lb 6oz

3rd Graham Kettle Watton 33lb 6oz

next match is on 15/3/12 draw 0830 fish 0930 till 1530

Aldeby Hall Fisheries

1st M. Collett (33lbs 13oz), 2nd L and T Howes (27lbs 10oz), 4th M. Dobson (19lbs 09oz).

Shrublands AC, Sunday 11th March, River Waveney.

1st K Howlett 2lb 11oz, 2nd S Howlett 1lb 13oz, 3rd G Pooley 1lb 3oz

• Club Match Results

Norfolk and Suffolk vets, Topcroft. M Dobson 15lb 07oz, D Roe 13lb 14oz, M Critoph 10lb 1oz.

Norfolk and Suffolk vets, Aldeby. M Runacres 27lb 7oz, M Dobson 14lb 5oz, J Beckham 8lb.

Earlham Silvers, River Wensum. C Hinsley 27lb 10oz, P Swan 24lb 12oz, D Gooch 8lb 15oz.

EAPS, Brooke. M Morley 14lb 10oz, R Nunn 10lb 9oz, A Crabb 9lb 3oz.

Dukes, River Wensum. J Lowe 21lb 8oz, S James 17lb 1oz, C Urry 10lb 7oz.

Stalham Boatyard. C Timms 5lb 7oz, T Shipley 4lb 4oz, W Wade 3lb 4oz.

Wagglers, Hill Farm. M Mantle 39lb 12oz, S Crowe 31lb, M Collins 19lb 14oz.

Aylsham, Shallow Brook. J Smith 8lb 12oz, J Morrison 5lb 10oz, G Owens 3lb 11oz.

Wymondham, Shropham. K Ridley 3lb 4oz, M Ireland 3lb 2oz, R Ashby 1lb 13oz.

Attleborough MG, Colton. K Green 53lb, J Johnson 47lb 8oz, T Bostock 25lb 14oz. Freed Man, Barford: A Humphrey 28lb 12oz; S Murphy 21lb 12oz; P Lovett 17lb 8oz. Codgers, Willow: C Bale 23lb; M Girling 21lb 14oz; M Brandish 17lb 5oz. Oddfellows, Abbey Waters: T Gray 85lb 10oz; G Mason 80lb 3oz; N Kopti 55lb 8oz. CMG, Colton: T Baxter 67lb 5oz; M Nicholls 59lb; T Brown 53lb 11oz. Codgers, Colton: R Taylor 31lb 4oz; A Farrow 27lb 2oz; C King 21lb 2oz. Norwich Disabled, Barford: J Chaplin 17lb; C Humphreys 12lb 8oz; P Smith 10lb 8oz. Nomads, Barford: A Ramsbottom 50lb 2oz; C Spelman 46lb 6oz; E Bean 25lb 8oz.

Bungay Cherry Tree Ac – Layby Pit. J. Buck 6lb 3oz; D. Gladwell 4lb 9oz; I. Moore 3lbs 15oz.

Harleston Wortwell & District Ac

Sunday 11th March lb Middle Pit

1st Chris Knights Jnr 60lb 12oz, 2nd Mark Taylor 54lb 2oz, 3rd Mal Runacres 49lb, 4th Justin Hunt 25lb

• Open Match Fixtures

Next Weekend Sunday 18th March

Club & Middle Pits, Weybread SCAAA, Pairs Match

Draw 8:30am Fish 10am-3pm

Pairs Can Be Sorted On Morning

Aldeby Hall Fishery

Saturday 17th March (phone 01502 677363).

Barford/Fox: March 15, Willow, 17 Railway, 18 league, 01603 759624.

Mill Farm: March 18,19, 01953 452769.

Marsh Trail: March 17, 01502 476219.

Cross Drove: March 17, 18, 01842 828102.

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