Angling results and fixtures

Open and club match results and fixtures.


Mill Farm, Sunday: S Johnson (PM Angling) 45-01, S Denmark (Norwich) 32-08, J Rush (Dereham) 18-06.

Monday: S Denmark (Norwich) 55-08, D Magimm (Talcolston) 25-00, S Rush (Dereham) 23-04.

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Hill Farm, Banham: D Magimm (Talcolston) 70-06, D Chadwick (Wymondham) 51-03, C Spelman (Nomads) 18-04.

Barford, Silverfish: A Tuck (Suffolk) 16-00, J Randell (SENSAS) 9-12, T Anderson (Suffolk AD) 9-05.

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Willow: D Cooper (Norwich) 68-02, P Gardiner (Oddfellows) 37-04, R Martin (Cambs) 36-12.

Railway: M Jermy (Barford Tackle) 26-10, R Finch (Deben) 22-10, A Moss (DAIWA AD) 21-01.

Bridge Farm, Litcham: Bill Bullock (Dereham & District AC) 34-14, Sean Greatbatch (Hinderclay) 27-08, Steve Brown (Dereham & District AC) 25-08.


Bungay Cherry Tree AC: Glen Shiplee 40-13, Charlie Balaam 23-14, Frank Ling 23-9.

Bungay Cherry Tree AC

Broome Pits Kidney: C Kramer 26-0; F Ling 22-08, J Buck 8-11.

Harleston, Wortwell & Dist AC

Sunday, Club Pit: Steve Timberlake 19-08, Karl Dowse 17-08, Jessica Knights 15-04, Chris Knights 9-00.

Norfolk and Suffolk Vets, River Waveney: D Roe 15-04, C Davey 13-14, L Higgins 9-02.

Norfolk and Suffok Vets, Beccles: L Higgins 17-04, J Beckham 10-08, D Roe 8-12.

Earlham Silvers, River Wensum: P Swan 15-02, D Gooch 10-02, P Lawrence 10-01.

Wagglers, Hill Farm: M Mantle 20-00, S Crowe 18-12, M Collings 15-06.

Stalham, boatyards: D Jones 13-00, R Farmer 10-10, M Charlewood 9-14.

Aylsham, North Walsham: J Randell 23-00, R Isbell 13-04, M Seaman 9-10.

Attleborough MG, Walnut: R Scarfe 30-00, R Parke 20-10, K Green 20-02.

Oddfellows, Willow: T Gray 47-08, G Mason 39-14, D Mason 30-00.

Wymondham, Barford: M Buxton 22-08, R Ashby 16-03, R Dawson 14-12.

Codgers, Barfdord: F Anderson 41-13, M Hunt 27-02, L Beecroft 23-14.

Codgers, Barford: M Girling 33-14, B Martin 17-06, J Chaplian 13-13.


Mill Farm, February 5, 6 01953 452769. Marsh Trail, February 4 07766697873. Barford/Fox, February 2 Barford, February 4, TBA, February 5 winter league, February 8 silverfish, 01603 759624.

Diary date: Norwich and District Anglers annual meeting, February 7, Canary Club, 7.30pm, entry by membership card only.

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