Angling results and fixtures

Open and club match results and fixtures.


Bridge Farm, Litcham (Thu): Pete Ashton (Fakenham AC) 92lb 5oz, John Buck (Bridge Farm) 24lb 14oz, Dave Bates (Kevs Tackle) 22lb 14oz. (Sun): John Buck (Bridge Farm) 95lb 12oz, Sean Greatbatch (Hinderclay) 84lb 2oz, Tony Brook (Bridge Farm) 51lb 14oz.

Barford Teams of Five League: A Moss (Daiwa AD Black) 62lb 14oz, W Martin (Dynamite Deben) 54lb 6oz, P Ashford (Barford Tackle) 48lb 3oz. Teams: Dynamite Deben 12 penalty points, Browning Hotrods and Lathams Nash, both 21.

Hill Farm Banham: B Bygraves (Norwich) 23lb 10oz, Jane Burrows (Banham) 9lb 14oz, A Freeman (Poringland) 8lb 2oz.

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Marsh Trail C: N Knights (Harleston) 23lb 6oz, N Crook (Lowestoft) 16lb 2oz, J Plume (Beccles) 15lb 12oz.

River Wensum (Midweek): D Rose (Daiwa AD) 29lb 0oz, R Gibbons (Norwich) 14lb 8oz, D Pike (Norwich) 12lb 4oz.

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Hinderclay (Reed Pool): A Coleman (Bait Tech) 25lb 8oz, T Burdon (Lowestoft) 20lb 0oz, I Gairner (Haverhill) 14lb 2oz.

Hinderclay (Florence): A Coleman (Bait Tech) 53lb 3oz, D Jones (Thetford) 28lb 1oz, M Cranham (Hinderclay) 21lb 11oz.

Barford: R Bond (Bury) 68lb 12oz, D Shiels (Wisbech) 47lb 14oz, K Ford (Barford Tackle) 36lb 6oz


Bungay Cherry Tree AC (Waveney – Falcon): W Kilbourne 18lb 12oz, S Woods 11lb 8oz, R Patrick 6lb 15oz.

Harleston, Wortwell & District AC (Club Pit): Mal Runacres 23lb 8oz, Dave Harford and Karl Redgrave both 21lb 4oz

Aylsham (Barford): G Sutton 16lb 8oz, C Beales 9lb 10oz, G Owen 7lb 5oz.

Zenith (River Wensum): M Elvin 11lb 4oz, R Gresgon 10lb 5oz, B Smith 6lb 0oz.

Stalham (Boatyard): M Charlewood 14lb 2oz, D Jones 13lb 6oz, W Plummer 11lb 12oz.

Long Stratton (Hill Farm, Banham): M Pickard 24lb 8oz, B Pickard 16lb 8oz, E Pickard 15lb 11oz.

Duke's (River Wensum): S James 11lb 14oz, C Urry 11lb 9oz, C Sadler 10lb 6oz.

EAPS (Rockland): P Cooper 18lb 9oz, A Clarke 16lb 10oz, R Nunn 11lb 11oz.

Norfolk and Suffolk Vets (Beccles): D Reynolds 8lb 13oz, D Roe 8lb 9oz, J Beckham 5lb 5oz.

Aldeby: M Dobson 23lb 12oz, L Higgins 9lb 2oz, E Atkinson 7lb 10oz.

River Waveney: L Higgins 9lb 9oz, J Beckham 8lb 6oz, D Reynolds 5lb 4oz.

Attleborough MG (Wicklewood): T Matthews 24lb 0oz, P Beck 20lb 0oz, J Johnson 13lb 14oz.

Holt SAC (Cley): P Loke 4lb 1oz, J Neave 1lb 14oz, T Thomas 1lb 4oz.

Wymondham (Colton): R Cross 28lb 4oz, R Crisp 8lb 4oz.

Codgers (Railway): F Anderson 29lb 12oz, A Forest 29lb 8oz, M Hunt 29lb 4oz.


Aldeby Fisheries: Saturdays throughout January, draw 9am, fish 10am–3pm, �10 all in. To enter please call Mark Dodds Smith on 07799 767216.

Harleston, Wortwell & District AC: 4 Match Silverfish Series Club & Middle Pits: January 21, Feb 4, 18 and March 3. Call Nigel Poll on 01379 853571.

Bridge Farm, Litcham: Open matches today and Sunday, to book call 01328 701699.

Barford-Fox: Tomorrow Barford, Saturday Railway, Tuesday Silverfish. 01603 759624.

Marsh Trail: January 21 01502 476219.

Angling Direct: River Wensum, Friday, entry at shop.

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