Angling results and fixtures

Open and club match results and fixtures.

• Open Matches

Bridge Farm, Litcham: Trevor Haycock (Townsend Lake) 73lb 6oz, Dave Bates (Kevs Tackle) 70lb 2oz, John Buck (Townsend Lake) 56lb 6oz

NISA Feeder League (River Yare), final round: N Larkin (NISA Feeders) 26lb 2oz, M Runacres (Deben) 25lb 12oz, J Taylor (Mark 1) 23lb 0oz. Overall. Best eight from twelve results: N Larkin (Nisa Feeders) 207lb 0oz, M Pollard (Suffolk DAIWA AD) 201lb 4oz, M Pollard (Foxmatch, Bedford) 195lb 3oz, R Hubbard (Norwich DAIWA AD) 185lb 5oz, T Anderson (Suffolk DIAWA AD) 179lb 6oz.

NDAA Teams of Four (Rivers Bure and Thurne): A Farrow (Wymondam) 21lb 13oz, L Beckett (Earlham Silvers) 18lb 12oz, K Fickling (Wymondham) 17lb 4oz. Teams Wymonham 42lb 8oz, Earlham Silvers) 40lb 8oz, Bob's boys 36lb 2oz.

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Cross Drove Two day final: Day one: N Parkinson (Dynamite/Middy) 58lb 12oz, M Woods (Emneth) 44lb 1oz, G Kiddell (Big Hits) 42lb 1oz. Day two: N Parkinson (D/M) 57lb 0oz, S Wheeler (D/M) 54lb 8oz, D Smith (Wickford) 52lb 8oz. Overall: N Parkinson 115lb 12oz, S Wheeler 83lb 13oz, R Bond (Bury) 74lb 14oz.

Marsh Trail: M Read (Suffolk) 32lb 3oz, F Ling (Norwich) 23lb 12oz, M Critoph (Veterans) 18lb 9oz.

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Hill Farm, Banham: P Warren (Costessy) 66lb 14oz, D Chadwick (Wymondham) 54lb 12oz, C Spelman (Nomads) 51lb 13oz,

Mill Farm (Thurs): C Spelman (Nomads) 58lb 12oz, G Young (Tunnel Barn) 53lb oz, D Willis (DAIWA AD) 35lb 12oz.

Hill Farm (Sun): C Townsend (Mulbarton) 68lb 08oz, J Turner (Mulbarton) 61lb 0oz, P Macrow (Thetford) 45lb 0oz. (Mon): C Spelman (Nomads) 52lb 12oz, R Kent (Jolly Boys) 37lb 6oz, G Young (Tunnel Barn) 37lb 0oz.

Railway: T Feltham (Norwich) 57lb 2oz, C Cooper (PWA) 56lb 4oz, R Harris (Codgers) 46lb 13oz.

• Club Matches

Dereham & District AC (Mill Farm): Neil Paske 28lb 4oz, Peter Hunter 13lb 6oz, Bill Bullock 12lb 5oz.

Bungay Cherry Tree AC (Beauchamp Arms): G Binks 13lb 2oz, C Kramer 5lb 11oz, S Woods 5lb 5oz.

Harleston, Wortwell & District AC (Middle Pit): Chris Knights Jnr 77lb 10oz, Simon Elliott 59lb 12oz, Mal Runacres 47lb 13oz, Kevin (Shirley) Howard 31lb 8oz.

Sportsmans Never Turn Back (Burgh Castle): M Bunn 37lb 8oz, G Hunter 14lb 10oz, K Barfield 14lb 8oz.

Diss & District AC (Eye Ponds Old Side): George Wilby 12lb 8�oz, Roy Elsom 10lb 6oz, Keith Rodwell 9lb 14oz. Fred Rose Ledger (Manns Farm): Andrew Mears 3lb 0oz, Mark Johnson 1lb 9oz, Billy Crisp 8oz. Eric Madgett Trophy (Diss Mere): Andrew Mears 28lb 0oz, Peter Wall 11lb 9oz, Jimmy Ellis 10lb 12oz. Top Junior went to Ashley Emms with 3lb 14oz.

Pye (Taswood): A Hayden 30lb 13oz, M Haverson 15lb 0oz, M Richings 9lb 14oz.

Smurfit (Taswood): A Soames 14lb 4oz, M Dixon 13lb 0oz, C McKail 8lb 5oz.

Zenith (Abbey Waters): J Read 90lb 2oz, P Pope 79lb 13oz, D Earl 45lb 14oz.

Veterans (Topcroft, Tues): J Hammond 46lb 10oz, M Dobson 36lb 11oz, M Mirgaux 28lb 12oz. (Topcroft, Thurs): M Dobson 36lb 6oz, P Manthorpe 27lb 8oz, M Mirgaux 26lb 1oz.

Romany (Bartles Lodge): T Smith 108lb 4oz, C Nicholls 82lb 4oz, P Smith 56lb 12oz.

EAPS (River Yare): C Cooper 14lb 9oz, R Nunn 14lb 1oz, C Clarke 13lb 1oz.

Wymondham (Colton): D Jarvis 134lb 7oz, M Edwards 109lb 5oz, R Dawson 92lb 4oz.

Beccles Claxton (Aldeby): P Ginger 13lb 14oz, R Turner 13lb 0oz, C Squires 12lb 2oz. Pairs: R Turner/R Brand 22lb 0oz.

Costessy Crown (Barford): D Mileham 112lb 3oz, C Whatker 109lb 8oz, C Reynolds 94lb 2oz.

Aylsham (Shallowbrook): M Seaman 74lb 10oz, R Isbell 31lb 2oz, G Owen 17lb 8oz.

Odd Fellows (Barford): N Kopti 109lb 6oz, T Gray 58lb 7oz, G Mason 47lb 12oz.

UG (Mill Lake): D Daglass 39lb 9oz, K Nee 39lb 8oz, D Bray 32lb 11oz.

Norwich Disabled (Railway): A Forrest 71lb 8oz, D Goose 50lb 4oz, M Riley 27lb 14oz.

Codgers (Abbey Waters): B Martin 56lb 14oz, J Tink 53lb 10oz, M Brandish 50lb 14oz.

Freedman (Barford): A Humphery 48lb 0oz, S Chapman 41lb 4oz, K Pope 18lb 8oz.

Codgers (Barford): F Anderson 58lb 4oz, A Forrest 56lb 4oz. R Taylor 52lb 12oz.

Stalham (Melton Ponds): M Charlewood 48lb 1oz, D Dearnan 30lb 12oz, D Agass 21lb 6oz.

WOTA (Melton Ponds): D Parker 30lb 4oz, S Britchaer 23lb 8oz, N Bye 21lb 4oz.

Holt SAC (Salthouse): M Watts 11oz, D Conway 10oz, T Thomas 9oz.

Holt (Bacton): D Conway 1lb 7oz, S Attew 1lb 4oz, T Thomas 1lb 3oz.

• Fixtures

North Cove & Barnby AC Open Match: The Annual Claude Lakin cup will be fished for on the River Waveney at North Cove on Sunday. Draw at 9am, fish 10.30–3.30pm. �10 all in, for details or Booking contact Richard on 01502 514682 or 07796 437381.

Bridge Farm, Litcham: tomorrow to book call 01328 701699.

Harleston, Wortwell & District AC: Silverfish Series, Four Match Series, Club & Middle Pits by rotation. Saturdays, October 8 and 22, November 5 and 19. Contact: Nigel Poll on 01379 853571 for entry and draw times.

Norfolk Broads Championship: Saturday Rivers Bure and Thurne 01603 400973.

Mill Farm: Tomorrow, Sunday and Monday 01953 452769.

Barford/Fox: Tomorrow. Railway: Saturday Colton, 01603 759624.

Marsh Trail C: Saturday 01502 586284.

Cross Drove: Saturday and Sunday 01842 828102.

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