Angling results and fixtures

Open and club match results and fixtures.


Maver qualifier: W Martin (Anglers' World/Sensas) 216lb 10oz, D Grimsey (Maver Image) 117-09, P Ashford (Barford Tackle) 112-03, M Sawyer (Daiwa) 109-05, I Dunlop (Wessex) 106-05.

Cross Drove Wednesday: R King (Anglers' World) 85-08, R Bond (Bury) 62-02, R Martin (Dorking) 54-12.

Cross Drove Two-Day final: Day One: S Wheeler (Dynamite) 88-02, R Bond (Bury) 79-03, A Bracey (Dynamite) 75-13. Day Two: B Norman (Kev's Tackle) 74-07, N Button (C Drove) 72-02, G Arnold (C Drove) 71-05. Overall: S Wheeler 145-12, R Bond 132-13, S Bracey 129-05.

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Cobbleacre: C Gladding (Unique) 57-04, B Coe (Busmen) 24-08, R Harris (Codgers) 23-04.

Marsh Trail: M Runacres (Deben) 58-14, S Elliott (Norwich) 47-00, N Knights (Suffolk AD) 29-00.

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Hill Farm (Banham): C Wright (Lopham) 66-00, S Rouse (Martham) 51-04, D Chadwick (Wymondham) 36-01.

Mill Farm Sunday: M Fleet (Thetford) 80-00, K Gifford (Lakenheath) 70-06, P Macrow (Thetford) 55-02.

Mill Farm Monday: M Fleet (Thetford) 70-14, B Bygraves (EMG) 50-06, S Elliott (Harleston) 49-10.

Colton: W Martin (AW) 74-01, L Carver (UG) 60-15, G Hill (Norwich) 50-03.

Mill Lake: C Reynolds (Costessey) 79-12, K Ford (Barford) 48-11, M McEwen (Costessey) 38-08.

Hinderclay Saturday: J Odey (Hinderclay) 104-04, T Cant (Hinderclay) 77-05, A Moss (Daiwa AD) 65-03.

Hinderclay Sunday: B Cant (Hinderclay) 113-05, M Hanks (Daiwa AD) 101-07, S Parker (Daiwa AD) 98-06.

Barford Monday: J Randell (Sensas) 138-15, I Reynolds (Browning HR) 67-02, T Feltham (Norwich) 52-02.

Dereham and District (Bartles Lodge): 1 Steve Brown 46lb, 2 Andy Forrest 44lb 12oz, 3 Les Beecroft 26lb 1oz.

Mulbarton Starthrowers Charity, Besthorpe

Lake A: A Gibbons (NDAA) 32lb 9oz, C Townshend (Mulbarton) 30lb 12oz, S Parker (Mulbarton) 19lb 4oz.


Bridge Farm (Litcham) Thursday: John Buckham (Bridge Farm) 86lb 6oz, Sean Greatbatch (Hinderclay) 78lb 2oz, Dave Bates (Kev's Tackle) 71lb 4oz, Neil Paskey (Downham Market) 58lb 2oz.

Bridge Farm (Litcham) Saturday: John Weedon (Oakwood Angling) 31lb 2oz, Gary Eales (Oakwood) 28lb 4oz, Gary Banbury (Oakwood) 26lb 4oz.

Bridge Farm (Litcham) Sunday: John Weedon (Oakwood) 115lb, Rob Wright (Oakwood) 76lb 14oz, Dave Whittman (Oakwood) 76lb 6oz.

Bridge Farm (Litcham) Monday: John Weedon (Oakwood) 166lb, Robert Wright (Oakwood) 124lb 8oz, Gary Eals (Oakwood) 81lb 4oz.


Bridge Farm (Litcham): April 28, draw 8.45am, fish 9.45am-3.30pm, 01328 701699.

Norfolk and Suffolk Veterans (Aldeby): A Gibbons 27-05, M Runacres 23-12, C Davey 20-00.

Norfolk and Suffolk Veterans (Marsh Trail): J Hammond 155-03, J Beckham 99-12, F Ling 41-12.

Stalham (Stanninghall): D Agass 5-12, M Charlewood 5-11, B Burlton 4-08.

Zenith (Walnut): J Broomfield 31-01, G Elvin 24-08, M Elvin 19-11.

Costessey Crown (Taswood): R Yates 94-08, S Nickson 77-08, C Reynolds 70-12.

Cringleford Carpers (Hill Farm): G Pearce 49-10, C Bostock 32-10, C Meeson 16-00.

Codgers (Abbey Waters): M Girling 201-13, L Byford 80-04, R Taylor 62-12.

CMG (Barford): T Baxter 81-13, R Latham 60-09, T Brown 56-02.

Codgers (Abbey Waters): R Taylor 93-14, G Banister 52-13, A Forest 42-00.

Wroxham AC (Holly Farm): Mark Tibbits 74lb 8oz, Adam Crook 60lb 12oz, Bob Didwell 57lb 8oz.

Sportmans Never Turn Back (Mill Lake): Mick Bunn 50lb 6oz, Anthony Varley 30lb 4oz, Wayne Moore 18lb 8oz.


Marsh Trail Lakes Commercial Fishery (Beccles): Open Two-day Festival Weekend, Saturday, April 30 and Sunday, May 1. Fishing lakes A and C over the two days, scored on a points basis, daily lake section prizes plus top four pay out, �40 per head all-in fee. For booking/details contact David on 07913 115610 or John on 07766 697873.

Hill Farm: May 1/2, 01953 452769.

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