Angling results and fixtures

Open and club match results and fixtures.


Cobble Acre: M Collett (Harleston) 34-02, C Gladding (Unique) 29-12, L Smith (Anglers World) 20-12.

Marsh Trail: M Runacres (Deben) 22-06, P Dade (Harleston) 12-05, F Ling (Norwich) 6-13.

Hill Farm, Banham, Sat: D Chadwick (Wymondham) 62-09, M Harman (Nomads) 44-06, C Wright (Lopham) 41-15.

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Hill Farm, Banham, Sun: C Spelman (Nomads) 34-11, S Rouse (Martham) 33-06, C Wright (Lopham) 27-13.

Railway: P Ashford (Barford Tackle) 69-01, R King (Anglers World) 66-04, T Gray (Oddfellows) 48-11.

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Colton: D Roe (DAIWA AD) 142-04, J Cary (Oddfellows) 64-07, W Martin (Anglers World) 63-11.

Cross Drove, Wed: K Wadge (Cross Drove) 49-02, J Barrowman (Anglers World) 48-04, S Bracey (Dynamite) 43-02.

Cross Drove, Sat: S Wheeler (Dynamite) 53-06, K Wadge (Cross Drove) 49-10, T Dabrowa (Stanjay) 41-10.

Cross Drove, Sun: J Hoskins (EMG) 37-02, M Pollard (Dynamite) 35-04, D Rawlings (Stanjay) 34-11.

Bridge Farm, Litcham: 1 Dave Bates (Kevs Tackle) 42.8.0, 2 Ricky James (Southery AC) 35.10.0, 3 Neil Paske (Downham Market) 34.10.0.


Dodds, Abbey Waters: G Collison 16-14, M Woodbine 14-06, J Hemsley 9-09.

Dukes, Barford: J Lowe 36-13, S James 22-07, M Buckingham 13-09.

Veterans, Topcroft: T Burden 38-04, M Dobson 36-10, D Harford 29-06.

Veterans, Marsh Trail: M Runacres 89-07, L Howes 34-14, J Beckham 20-12.

Bergh Apton: D Roe 122-04, A Beck 119-08, P Manthorpe 106-14.

Halesworth: L Pullen 44-00, A Squires 43-13, D Roe 40-10.

Carols, Melton Ponds: P Barnard 33-00, A Waldron 32-08, D Collins 28-12.

Norwich Disabled, Barford: B Ramsbottom 72-08, C Humphrey 59-00, J Chaplin 28-12.

Attleborough MG, Fishmere: R Parke 44-00, K Green 28-14, M Peek 27-14.

Stalham, Holly Farm: D Egerton 46-03, M Rowntree 42-12, M Charlewood 42-00.

Mulbarton, Club lake: C Townshend 29-05, R Crisp 14-08, R Barber 11-05.

Beaver, Abbey Water: P Millbank 39-08, K Trapnell, 31-02, W Hunter 21-04.

Oddfellows, Railway: N Kopiti 23-15, D Mason 14-12, R Patrick 11-08.

Codgers, Willow: A Kink 32-01, A Forest 21-12, R Rackham 18-15.

Freedman, Colton: D Creed 71-06, A Humphrey 59-12, P Chapman 40-00.

Codgers, Railway: F Anderson 50-12, C Nicholson 47-08, A Farrow 43-02.

CMG, Colton: R Latham 41-01, J Collison 38-09, D Stillwell 20-10.

Harleston, Wortwell and District AC, Middle Pit: 1 M Runacres 46lb 11oz, 2 D Reeve 39lb 3oz, 3 A Tuck 30lb 12oz, 4 C Knights Snr 20lb 12oz.


Barford/Foxmatch: March 31 Willow, April 2 Colton, new individual league first round May 1. Series �50 plus �25 per match. Top prize �500. 01603 759624.

Marsh Trail Lakes: April 2, 01502 476219; Open Two-day festival weekend, Saturday, April 30 and Sunday, May 1. Fishing lakes A and C over the two days scored on a points basis, daily lake section prizes plus top four pay-out, �40 per head all in fee. For booking and details contact David on 07913 115610, John 07766 697873 or Richard 07796 437381.

Maver Individual qualifyer: Barford, April 23 �50K 1st prize guaranteed. Entry �50 payable at the Barford office other details 01603 759624.

Mulbarton charity event raising funds for Star Throwers Cancer Research: April 16 Besthorpe. Draw 8.30am. Entry �10, pools on day booking and further information 07541324936.

Bridge Farm, Litcham: Tomorrw, draw 8.45am, fish 9.45am to 3.30pm.

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