Angling results and fixtures

Open and club match results and fixtures.


Hill Farm (Banham): M Harmon (Nomads) 75lb 9oz, B Abel (Norwich) 58lb 9oz, M Peek (Yaxham) 36lb 13oz.

Melton Ponds: T Wright (Costessey Crown) 51lb, J Randell (Sensas) 41lb 5oz, P Ashford (Barford Tackle) 41lb 4oz.

Mill Farm Sunday: S Denmark (Norwich) 68lb, P Macrow (Thetford) 58lb 6oz, L Hodge (Anglers' World) 57lb 8oz.

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Mill Farm Monday: T Wright (Costessey Crown) 49lb 2oz, K Cleary (Dereham) 40lb 4oz, M Thurtle (Norwich) 36lb 4.

Cross Drove Wednesday: T Watling (Foxmatch) 61lb 13oz, I Shipp (Cross Drove) 60lb 5oz, P Goldstraw (Stanjay) 57lb 6oz.

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Cross Drove Saturday: C Cooper (Anglers' World) 44lb, N Parkinson (Dynamite) 43lb 12oz, J Hoskings (EMG) 42lb 7oz.

Cross Drove Sunday: N Parkinson (Dynamites) 60lb 12oz, T Cole (Cross Drove) 56lb 6oz, S Easy (Stanjay) 52lb 4oz.

Willow: C Colby (Vets) 21lb 8oz, C Stevens (Oddfellows) 18lb 4oz, J Randell (Sensas) 15lb 12oz.

Colton: D Agass (Stalham) 85lb 9oz, M Bradford (Fakenham) 82lb 13oz, D Goodwin (North Walsham) 72lb 3oz.


Attleborough MG (Besthorpe): K Green 44lb 8oz, S Rouse 37lb 2oz, M Peek 36-14.

Stalham (Old Stables): D Egerton 31lb 10oz, J Hehir 22lb 6oz, D Dearman 18lb 2oz. Wymondham (Shropham): M Edwards 26lb 5oz, T Edwards 26lb 4oz, J Edwards 4lb 4oz.

Norfolk and Suffolk Veterans (Topcroft): L Higgins 30lb 6oz, M Runacres 22lb 4oz, C Davy 21lb 2oz.

Alderby: A Gibbons 18lb 9oz, D Docwra 16lb 3oz, M Collett 12lb 9oz.

Codgers (Railway): B Emms 44lb 11oz, M Girling 42lb 4oz, A Forest 38lb 15oz.

Freed Mad (Barford): P Chapman 57lb 2oz, E Lovett 40lb 12oz, S Humphrey 37lb.

Oddfellows (Barford): G Mason 145lb 8oz, N Kopti 106lb 8oz, R Patrick 96lb 12oz.

CMG (Mill Lake): G Cairns 38lb 12oz, R Denny 20lb 1oz, P Brown 19lb 8oz.

Norwich Disabled (Railway): B Ramsbottom 19lb 2oz, A Forest 18lb, D Goose 11lb 12oz.

Codgers (Colton): G Stokes 64lb 0oz, G Cairns 57lb 12oz, A Forest 56lb.

Bridge Farm (Litcham) Thursday: Dave Bates (Kev's Tackle) 40lb 8oz, Kelvin Cleere (Lyng AC) 40lb 6oz, Neil Paske (Downham Market) 40lb.

Bridge Farm (Litcham) Sunday: Sean Greatbatch (Hinderclay) 84lb 12oz, Dave Bates (Kev's Tackle 60lb 11oz, Trevor Little (Kev's Tackle) 58lb 2oz.


Maver 50k Championship qualifier (Barford Lakes): April 23, entry �50 payable at Barford office.

Barford Spring League commences May 1. Winner �500. Entry �50 series plus �25 per match.

Opens: April 7 Abbey Watersoz, April 9 Railway, 01603 759624.

Mulbarton Charity Open for Star Throwers Cancer Fund (Besthorpe Lakes): April 16, draw 8.30am, �10, 07541 324936.

Marsh Trail A: April 9, 07766 697873.

Mill Farm: April 10/11, 01953 452769.

Bridge Farm (Litcham): April 7, draw 8.45am, fish 9.45am-3.30pm, 01328 701699.

Bungay Cherry Tree: Annual meeting on April 14 at the Three Tuns Hotel in the centre of town, upstairs room at 7.30pm.

Open Match Fixture – Marsh Trail Lakes Commercial Fishery (Beccles): Open Two-day Festival Weekend. Saturday, April 30 and Sunday, May 1. Fishing lakes A and C over the two days scored on a points basis, daily lake section prizes plus top four payout, �40 per head all-in fee. For booking/details contact David on 07913 115610 or John on 07766 697873.

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