Angling results and fixtures

Open and club match results and fixtures.


Ray Bircham Memorial, Barford: 1 M Whittaker (Daiwa AD) 89lb 4oz, 2 C Knights (Harleston) 82lb 2oz, 3 P Gardiner (Odd Fellows) 73lb 14oz.

Suffolk League, Suffolk Water Park: 1 D Jarvis (Big Hits) 72lb 8oz, 2 R Watson (Waveney Juniors) 40lb 13oz, 3 P Yeomans (Big Hits) 38lb 12oz.

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Teams on day: 1 Latham's/Fox Match 20 penalty points, 2 Big Hits 22, 3 Preston Innovations 24.

Leading Standings: Anglers World and Latham's/Fox match both 5 points Preston Innovations 7.

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Head Fen Spring League: 1 A Archer (Blue Boys) 111lb, 2 S Easy (Suffolk) 83lb 4oz, 3 G Arnold (Head Fen) 81lb 1oz. Teams on day: Blue Boys 12 penalty points, Anglers World 15, Stanjay Black 16. Leading Standings: Blue Boys 8, Anglers World 9, Stanjay Black 11.

Park Farm Lakes: 1 Bob Smith 55lb 4oz, 2 Stuart Elmer 33lb 8oz, 3 Martin Cooper 20lb 1oz.

Cobble Acre Pairs: 1 N and A Highley (Norfolk) 191lb 4oz, 2 Dave Barrett and John Fisher (Norwich) 51lb 3oz, 3 Marty and John Drake (Lowestoft) 42lb 3oz. Cobble Acre Midweek: 1 B Coe (Norwich) 51lb, 2 J Randell (Sensas) 47lb, 3 C Gladding (Unique) and B Anderson (Cobble Acre) both 45lb 6oz.

Marsh Trail C: 1 G Bull (Lowestoft) 26lb 5oz, 2 P Dade (Harleston) 22lb, 3 C Davey (Veterans) 21lb 3oz.

Mill Farm, Sunday: 1 J Barley (Watton) 105lb 8oz, 2 N Paske (Downham Market) 78lb 8oz, 3 T Smith (Norwich) 63lb 8oz.

Monday: 1 R Kent (Jolly Boys) 86lb 8oz, 2 Jane Burrows (Banham) 52lb 2oz, 3 G Pearce (Pulham) 50lb.

Hill Farm, Banham: 1 C Wight (Lopham) 68lb 13oz, 2 J Burrows (Tibbenham) 60lb 11oz, 3 C Spelman (Nomads) 56lb 15oz.

TackleXChange, Bure Estuary: 1 P Tovell (Gorleston) 5lb 7oz, 2 M Gooch (Lowestoft) 4lb 15oz, 3 K Morley (Kessingland) 3lb 12oz.

Blythe Estuary: 1 T Thomas (Holt) 7lb 7oz, 2 D Able (Corton) 5lb 10oz, 3 Pam Carter (Oulton Broad) 3lb 13oz.

Cross Drove, Midweek: 1 M Pollard (Fox match) 87lb 10oz, 2 S Easy (Stanjay) 86lb 4oz, 3 T Wattling (Fox Match) 75lb 7oz.

Saturday: 1 S Bracey (Dynamite) 93lb 15oz, 2 M Pollard (Fox match) 73lb 15oz, 3 D Reeve (GOTT) 73lb 2oz.

Colton: 1 R King (Norwich) 65lb 4oz, 2 R Smart (Norwich) 50lb 3oz, 3 K Watker (Costessey Crown) 47lb 14oz.

Barford: 1 M Craske (North Walsham) 104lb 12oz, 2 C Cooper (Anglers World) 100lb 1oz, 3 M Cleere (Odd Fellows) 80lb 1oz.


EAPS, Club Lake: 1 A Clarke 13lb 8oz, 2 J Waters 12lb 1oz, 3 T Clarke 7lb 7oz.

EAPS, Brooke: 1 M Morley 9lb 2oz, 2 M Waters 8lb 15oz, 3 C Hinsley 7lb.

Norfolk and Suffolk Veterans, Haddiscoe: 1 M Mirgaux 104lb 5oz, 2 G Bull 31lb 14oz, 3 A Gibbons 26lb 4oz.

Norfolk and Suffolk Veterans, Topcroft: 1 M Critoph 60lb 2oz, 2 J Beckham 35lb 10oz, 3 A Gibbons 34lb 2oz.

Norfolk and Suffolk Veterans, Topcroft: 1 M Critoph 72lb 5oz, 2 M Mirgaux 45lb 14oz, 3 F Kilbourne 33lb 15oz.

Norfolk and Suffolk Veterans, Topcroft: 1 J Broomfield 96lb 6oz, 2 M Critoph 83lb 9oz, 3 P Plummer 47lb 13oz.

Sportsman's, Besthorpe: 1 K Hodgins 62lb 1oz, 2 L Arnold 37lb 8oz, 3 J Hammond 22lb 12oz.

Zenith, Holly Farm: 1 D Ramsbottom 147lb, 2 P Smith 116lb, 3 J Broomfield 106lb.

Romany, Besthorpe: 1 J Self 48lb 4oz, 2 S Read 28lb 10oz, 3 A Curton 26lb 8oz.

Zenith, Besthorpe: 1 S Barns 45lb 8oz, 2 J Rowell 33lb 6oz, 3 M Elvin 27lb 4oz.

Fakenham, Litcham: 1 M Bradford 56lb 8oz, 2 T Pepper 20lb 8oz, 3 M English 16lb 8oz.

Beccles, Haddiscoe: 1 R Brand 24lb 10oz, 2 J Youngman 14lb 9oz, 3 K Barfield 14lb 1oz.

Beccles, Haddiscoe: 1 B Weavers 15lb 14oz, 2 A High 12lb, 3 A Squire 11lb 15oz.

Beccles, Taswood: 1 M Crawford 52lb 10oz, 2 R Brand 34lb 4oz, 3 G Madison 33lb 15oz.

Attleborough MG, Hinderclay: 1 M Wiles 106lb 8oz, 2 M Fairbrother 48lb 4oz, 3 K Leeder 47lb 2oz.

Aylsham, North Walsham: 1 K Sutton 25lb 4oz, 2 C Beales 19lb 15oz, 3 J Morrison 15lb 6oz. Wymondham, Shropham: 1 M Edwards 20lb 4oz, 2 A Reeve 14lb 8oz, 3 A Grout 10lb 14oz.

Oddchaps, Melton Ponds: 1 N Kopity 93lb 2oz, 2 R Kent 81lb, 3 B Rilings 58lb 14oz.

Zenith, Melton Ponds: 1 D Ramsbottom 72lb 14oz, 2 J Rowell 33lb 4oz, 3 P Clinton 23lb 10oz.

Odd Fellows, Melton Ponds: 1 D Mason 46lb 12oz, 2 M Cleere 45lb 12oz, 3 J May 32lb 10oz.

Martham, Melton Ponds: 1 S Mudge and K Chaplain both 23lb 14oz, 3 P Beck 16lb.

Codgers, Willow: 1 L Byford 71lb 8oz, 2 R Harris 71lb 3oz, 3 A Forrest 64lb.

Codgers, Colton: 1 M Gurling 101lb 2oz, 2 B Martin 65lb 13oz, 3 L Byford 47lb 14oz.

Nomads, Willow: 1 S Quinn 74lb 14oz, 2 D Wadsworth 68lb 4oz, 3 L Wright 50lb 14oz.

Costessey Crown, Barford: 1 C Watker 129lb 1oz, 2 M Moore 105lb 4oz, 3 C Nicholson 90lb 7oz.

Shell, Barford: 1 T Jillings 48lb 1oz, 2 C Richardson 35lb 10oz, 3 B Sallis 30lb.

Viking Whalers, Colton: 1 P Bryer 51lb, 2 M Moore 31lb 4oz, 3 J Self 31lb 2oz.

Freedman, Railway: 1 S Chapman 75lb 12oz, 2 M Rogers 57lb 4oz, 3 K Nicholls 47lb.

Stalham, Colton: 1 D Egerton 45lb 5oz, 2 T Wilkinson 41lb 8oz, 3 K Lawson 22lb 13oz.

Mulbarton, Hinderclay: Florence Lake: 1 M Turner 57lb 11oz, 2 R Crisp 51lb 5oz. Willow Lake: 1 C Angel 34lb 2oz, 2 K Clarke 20lb 2oz.


Barford/Fox match: June 16 Colton Evening, 17 Barford, 19 Colton, 22 Barford 01603 759 624.

Cross Drove: June 19, 20, 01842 828102.

River Yare: June 19 01603 483923.

Marshtrail A: June 19 01502 539599.

Mill Farm: June 20 (Draw 3pm) 21 01953 452769.

Park Farm Lakes, Hockering: Open match, June 21. 01603 881119.

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