Angling results and fixtures

Open and club match results and fixtures.


Melton Ponds: P Ashford (Barford Tackle) 49lb 8oz, T Wright (Costessey Crown) 39lb 5oz, J Randell (Sensas) 12lb 8oz.

Marsh Trail: P Dade (Harleston) 26lb 4oz, D Forrester (Lowestoft) 70lb 2oz, J Turner (Lowestoft) 11lb 5oz.

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Burgh Castle: D Docwra (Sportsmans) 22lb 10oz, K Barfield (Beccles Caxton) 14lb 6oz, K Hodgins (NDAA) 14lb 1oz.

Abbey Waters: I Copeland (Essex) 67lb 7oz, A Adams (Norwich) 52lb 10oz.

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Barford: I Copeland (Essex) 104lb 3oz, W Martin (Anglers World) 101lb 2oz, P Ashford (Barford Tackle) 91lb 4oz.

Willow: D Jarvis (Wymondham) 34lb 13oz, K Lawson (North Walsham) 33lb 14oz, P Ashford (Barford Tackle) 32lb 8oz.

Mill Farm, Sunday: C Nicholls (Norwich) 91lb, S Rouse (Martham) 85lb 12oz, C Wright (Lopham) 82lb 8oz.

Monday: C Wright (Lopham) 77lb, P Macrow (Thetford) 60lb 8oz, T Smith (Norwich) 58lb 4oz.

Hill Farm, Banham, Saturday: M Peek (Yaxham) 27lb 8oz, D Chadwick (Wymondham) 27lb 5oz, Jane Burrows (Banham) 24lb 11oz.

Monday: S Rouse (Martham) 37lb 3oz, D Chadwick (Wymondham) 33lb, J Burrows (Tibbenham) and M Peek (Yaxham) 12lb 2oz.

Cross Drove, midweek: R Nudd (Fox match) 43lb 8oz,

T Anderson (DAD Suffolk) 40lb 12oz, D Pearce (Wisbech) 37lb 13oz.

Saturday: A Leathers (Browning) 71lb 3oz, S Bracey (Dynamite) 59lb, S Payne (DAD) 44lb 9oz.

Sunday: J Barrowman (Barford Tackle) 60lb 3oz, T Anderson (DADS) 51lb 5oz, C Cooper (Anglers World) 45lb 13oz.


Stalham, Barford: D Dearman 32lb 2oz, M Charlewood 29lb 10oz, D Hammond 16lb 6oz.

Wymondham, Hinderclay: M Edwards 27lb 4oz, R Crisp 25 lb, C Ward 24lb 8oz.

Sportsmans, Burgh Castle: K Hodgins 15lb 4oz, R Silverwood 14lb 8oz, G Maddison 14lb 4oz.

Norfolk & Suffolk Veterans, Burgh Apton: P Manthorpe 100lb 12oz, L Platten 97lb 12oz, B Gidding 29lb 10oz.

Topcroft: G Finch 34lb 4oz, E Peek 22lb, C Colby 20lb 15oz.

Aldeby: M Collett 23lb 14oz, C Davey 9lb 10oz, A Squires 9lb 4oz.

Zenith, Besthorpe: J Broomfield 34lb 14oz, P Pope 33 lb, J Rowell 30lb 14oz.

Odd Fellows, Railway: G Mason 68lb 8oz, D Mason 32 lb 4oz, J Alden 30lb.

Barford: F Mancini 83lb 9oz, P Gardiner 80lb 12oz, R Patrick 76lb 4oz.

Codgers, Railway: A Forrest 42lb 2oz, R Harris 30lb 13 oz, B Martin 24lb.

Nomads, Willow: D Wadsworth 72lb 3oz, B Ramsbottom 49lb 10oz, M Warman 32lb.

Costessey Crown, Abbey Waters: J Collingson 55lb 11oz, C Nicholson 55lb, C Reynolds 37lb.

Norwich Disabled, Holly Farm: J Chaplin 54lb 8oz, A Forrest 39lb 2oz, C Humphrey 33lb.


Mill Farm: April 11, 12 - 01953 452 769.

Marsh Trail: April 17 - 07766 697 873.

Barford/Fox Match: April 8, Willow April 10, Railway April 13, TBA - 01603 759 624.

Cross Drove: April 10, 11 - 01842 828 102.

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