Angling results and fixtures

Open and club match results and fixtures.


Hinderclay team challenge: C Chamberlain (Hinderclay OB) 91lb 14oz, J Broughton (Rejects) 80lb 10oz, A Mears (Diss) 57lb 8oz. Teams: Hinderclay OB 18 penalty points, Diss 19, Thetford 22.

Jolly Boys winter series (Barford), final round: C Spellman (Nomads) 30lb 2oz, A Varley (Sportsmans) 24lb 5oz, L Arnold (Jolly Boys) 21lb 10oz. Top three: L Arnold (Jolly Boys) 21 penalty points, G Grimwood (Sextons) 22, A Varley (Sportsmans) 26.

Crossdrove Wednesday: M Sheldrake (Thetford) 37lb 6oz, T Anderson (DADS) 33lb 2oz, M Bartrum (DADS) 32lb 6oz; Saturday: R Martin (Dorking) 64lb 6oz, A Tuck (GOT) 38lb 10oz, A Parkinson (Dyanmite) 38lb 6oz; Sunday: A Leathers (Browning) 28lb 4oz, R Bond (Bury) 45lb 13oz, W Martin (Anglers World) 43lb 12oz.

Hill Farm (Banham): C Wright (Lopham) 28lb 9oz, D Chadwick (Wymondham) 23lb 9oz, S Rouse (NOMADS) 20lb 6oz.

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Mill Farm: D Bates (Kev's Tackle) 97lb 12oz, N Paske (Downham Market) 52lb 6oz, S Browne (Dereham) 47lb 4oz.

Railway Tuesday: J Randell (SENSAS) 73lb 5oz, G Kiddell (Norwich) 67lb 8oz, R Nudd (Fox match) 58lb 14oz; Thursday: J Randell (SENSAS) 90lb, W Martin (Anglers World) 81lb, T Anderson (SAD) 65lb 5oz; Saturday: W Martin (Anglers World) 106lb 12oz, J Gill (Barford) 54lb 9oz, M Dossena (Park Farm) 52lb 1oz.

Cobble Acre Adams: R Anderson (Cobble Acre) 32lb 6oz, M Collett (Harleston) 30lb, L Cooper (Norwich) 22lb 10oz.

Cobble Acre Amys: T Wright (Costessy Crown) 61lb 15oz, I Mace (Norwich) 56lb 10oz, G Jones (Norwich) 44lb 2oz.

Harleston, Wortwell and District AC, Middle Pit: C Knights (yngr) 51lbs 15ozs, M. Ranacres 50lbs 1oz, E. Davison 45lbs 7ozs.

Bridge Farm, Litcham: 1 Michael Fuller 46lb 8oz, 2 Steve Brown Dereham and District 31lb 4oz, 3 Dave Bates Kevs 30lb 12oz. Next match on April 1. To book ring 01328 701699.


Stalham (Holly Farm): A Watson 63lb 9oz, D Dearman 52lb 2oz, T Wilkinson 42lb 2oz.

Norfolk and Suffolk Veterans, Topcroft: A Gibbons 33lb 3oz, E Peek 17lb 15oz, G Colby 17lb 4oz. Alderby: M Collett 19lb 6oz, P Manthorpe 19lb 1oz, M Donson 16lb 12oz.

Codgers (Melton Ponds): A Forrest 49lb 15oz, B Martin 34lb 9oz, M Girling 31lb 2oz.

Huntsmen (Melton Ponds): A Robon 42lb 12oz, B Jason 12lb 13oz, C Peters 11lb.

Caroles (Melton Ponds): A Waldron 17lb, K Dyball 10lb 4oz, C Waldron 6lb 8oz.

Viking Whallers (Old Stables): J Self 25lb, B Moore 18lb 7oz, G Bannister 10lb 6oz.

Norwich Busmen (Besthorpe): T Smith 23lb 2oz, S Johnson 19lb 12oz, A Sweet 14lb 10oz.

Freedman (Colton): S Humphrey 83lb 12oz, K Pope 53lb 6oz, S Chapman 25lb 12oz.

Codgers (Willow): J Tink 60lb 12oz, A Penmen 46lb 4oz, C Bale 35lb 8oz.

Costessy Crown (Barford): C Watker 56lb 6oz, I Crawford 47lb 5oz, D Mallett 42lb 10oz.

Mile Cross (Carford): R Miller 39lb 10oz, D London 33llb 6oz, C Barnet 25lb 6oz.

CMG, Willow: T Brown 51lb 9oz, M Covell 36lb 12oz, D Stilwell 36lb 4oz. Abbey Waters: T Baxter 26lb 6oz, M Nicholls 25lb 2oz, G Cairns 16lb 13oz.

Angling Direct (Cobble Acre): C Gladding 54lb 14oz, S Crowe 43lb 14oz, P Garrett 43lb 6oz.

Fakenham (Cobble Acre): K Nicholson 56lb 14oz, G Franks 19lb 15oz, M Bradford 18lb 14oz.

Holt SAC (Cley): H Randell 2lb 2oz, R Barber 1lb 4oz, J Neave 1lb 3oz.

Freedman AC, Colton: 1 Steve Humphrey 83lb 12oz, 2 Keith Pope 53lb 6oz, 3 Steve Chapman 25lb 12oz.


Barford Fox match April 1; Barford, April 3, Willow; April 5, Railway; April 6, Abbey Waters. 01603 759624. Mill Farm, April 4, 5. 01953 452769. Marsh Trail, April 3. 01502 514682 or 07796437381. Cobble Acre, April 6. 01379 608130.

Park Farm Lakes (Hockering): Open matches, Saturday, April 3 and Monday April 5, draw 9.45am, fish 11am-4pm, 01603 881119, �16 all in.

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