Angling fixtures and results

Open and club match results and fixtures.


Suffolk Teams of Four Championship (River Yare final round): G Hubbard (Daiwa AD Black) 24lb 4oz, A Moss (Daiwa AD Black) 19lb 2oz, C Kelly (Suffolk AD Gold) 17lb 13oz.

Teams on day Daiwa AD Gold 12 penalty points, Daiwa AD Black 15, Deben Select 17.

Top three finish Suffolk DAD Gold 16, Suffolk DAD Blue 24, Norwich DAD Black 26.

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Nisa Feeder League (River Yare): W Anderson (Daiwa AD) 27lb 03, A Gibbons (NDAA) 25lb 08, S Clarke (Maver) 23lb 12, C Kelly (Suffolk AD) 23lb 0oz.

Hill Farm, (Banham): C Wright (Lopham) 49lb 15, D Yaxley (Kenninghall) 32lb 10, W Womack (Bunwell) 29lb 7oz.

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Marsh Trail: G Banks (Beccles) 89lb 10, G Button (Lowestoft) 40lb 07, F Ling (Norwich) 33lb 2oz.

Mill Farm (Thurs): N Paske (Downham) 66lb 08, C Spelman (Nomads) 49lb 00, R Kent (Jollyboys) 47lb 0oz. (Sun): G Young (Tunnel Barn) 64lb 02, K Clarke (Mulbarton) 53lb 14, B Harmer (Dereham) 51lb 4oz. (Mon): G Young (Tunnel Barn) 60lb 08, S Rouse (Martham) 52lb 04, C Spelman (Nomads) 47lb 8oz.

Cross Drove (Wed): T Watling (Cross Drove) 86lb 15oz, R Bond (Bury) 67lb 5oz, R Finch (Deben) 63lb 13oz. (Sat): R Edmondson (Ringers) 53lb 3oz, S Cowley (Cross Drove) 52lb 5oz, N Parkinson (Dynamite) 50lb 12oz. (Sun): T Cole (Ouse Valley) 85lb 14oz, R Bond (Bury) 84lb 14oz, T Watling (Cross Drove) 77lb 6oz.

Colton: C Stevens (Oddfellows) 49lb 0oz, K Lawson (Barford) 46lb 14oz, M Seaman (Norwich) 36lb 2oz.

Railway: C Knights (Harleston) 92lb 13oz, C Cooper (Barford) 91lb 8oz, J Randell (Sensas) 89lb 8oz.


Bungay Cherry Tree AC (Lay-by Pit): J Buck 6lb 6oz, S Woodcock 5lb 9oz, W Kilbourne 4lb 4oz.

Norwich Union AC (Postwick): D Howe 16lb 8oz, D Watson 4lb 5oz, G Daynes 3lb 12oz.

Sportsmans Never Turn Back (Aldeby): W Moore 31lb 2oz, M Hannant 17lb 15oz, R Silverwood 17lb 3oz.

Veterans (Topcroft): J Beckham 39lb 6oz, M Reeve 26lb 11oz, M Mirgaux 24lb 3oz. (Aldeby): M Dobson 30lb 2oz, D Roe 14lb 4oz, D Forest 13lb 12oz.

Wagglers (Hill Farm): S Crowe 94lb 1oz, M Mantle 18lb 4oz, M Collins 17lb 10oz.

Long Stratton (Hinderclay): L Bambridge 22lb 12oz, W Bambridge 20lb 0oz, L Pickard 17lb 2oz.

Earlham Silvers (River Thurne): L Beckett 20lb 2oz, M Pope 14lb 9oz, P Cooper 13lb 12oz.

Romany (Holly Farm): P Smith 121lb 6oz, T Smith 120lb 12oz, S Read 42lb 12oz.

Stalham (Dilham): M Charlewood 14lb 13oz, D Agass 9lb 8oz, T Wilkinson 6lb 12oz. Attleborough MG (Barford): A Scarfe 68lb 4oz, T Kitchen 37lb 10oz, C Wright 30lb 14oz.

Fakenham (Abbey Waters): P Ashton 65lb 12oz, R Smith 59lb 8oz, D Howling 55lb 12oz.

Wymondham v Saffron Walden (Shropham): R Cross (W) 19lb 8oz, M Missud (SW) 17lb 8oz, M Jarvis (W) 5lb 8oz. Wymondham 49lb 0oz, Saffron Walden 21lb 0oz.

Zenith (Taswood): P Clinton 27lb 6oz, B Smith 27lb 4oz, P Pope 22lb 6oz.

CMG (Melton Ponds): D Lewis 38lb 14oz, M Covell 37lb 8oz, R Laytham 36lb 8oz.

Carol's (Melton Ponds): A Waldron 73lb 0oz, K Dyball 27lb 0oz, P Barnard 26lb 0oz.

Costessey Crown (Willow): R Yates 59lb 4oz, J Collision 42lb 8oz, T Wright 39lb 12oz.

Freed Man (Railway): S Chapman 42lb 8oz, P Lovett 24lb 12oz, D Creed 24lb 10oz.

Codgers (Barford): M Girling 136lb 14oz, R Taylor 77lb 15oz, J Tink 67lb 11oz.

Lacons (Colton): P Nicholls 30lb 0oz, M Rogers 25lb 3oz, G Wiseman 21lb 1oz.

Codgers (Railway): R Harris 76lb 15oz, C Nicholoson 75lb 0oz, R Taylor 66lb 14oz.

City Works (Railway): A Ling 92lb 10oz, G Lugo 71lb 0oz, P Mann 27lb 0oz.

Lacons (Mill Lake): T Borrett 83lb 13oz, P Nicholls 48lb 0oz, D Hewitt 38lb 8oz.


North Cove & Barnby AC Open Match: The annual Claude Lakin cup will be fished for on the River Waveney at North Cove on Sunday, October 2. Draw at 9am, fish 10.30am-3.30pm. �10 all in, for details and booking, contact Richard on 01502 514682 or 07796 437381.

NDAA: Sunday, teams of four championship, Rivers Bure and Thurne, Sep 28 and 29 two-day festival Rivers Bure and Thurne, October 1 Broads Individual Championship R Bure and Thurne. 01603 400973.

Marsh Trail A: Saturday, 01502 476219.

Mill Farm: tomorrow, Sunday, Monday, 01953 452769.

Barford/Fox: tomorrow; Colton, Saturday Railway, 01603 759624.

Cross Drove: Saturday, Sunday, 01842 82812.

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