Anglian Junior League returns to help fuel future speedway stars’ progress

Future speedway stars will be able to learn their trade in the Anglian Junior League after it was reformed following a 26-year absence.

First staged in 1978, the league was a rich training ground for promising riders allowing them to make the jump from training schools to the National League.

The managements of Ipswich, King's Lynn, Lakeside, Mildenhall, Peterborough and Rye House have shown their delight at the reformation of the league - last won by Wimbledon in 1985.

British Speedway Promoters' Association (BSPA) vice-chairman Jon Cook said: 'The Anglian League provided a rich vein of talent in days gone by and we hope to do the same again.

'It's tough for riders to break into league racing and this venture will fill the gap between training and National League and give riders a competitive environment in which to develop.

'Leagues of this kind already operate in the midlands and northern sectors and its the aim of the BSPA to increase activities of this kind as we work towards an organised programme to take young Brits from their first tentative laps right the way through to the national team.'

Teams will meet twice home and away and matches will be run over the six-heat four-rider format, with action following full team meetings. Lakeside will run stage their action before their main meets.

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Lynn, Peterborough, Rye House and Mildenhall were in the original league which saw riders such as Richard Knight and Marvyn Cox begin their careers.