Adam Simkins leads Fakenham to Norfolk squad glory

Fakenham's Adam Sinkins was top dog in the second Norfolk Junior Squash Grand Prix of the year.

Sinkins claimed his fifth GP win from six, beating club-mate Connor Doy 3-1 in a competitive Group One final.

Joseph Weavers finished a best-ever third, while Drew Butchart showed greatest improvement in beating both Martin Jolley and Sam Lanham 3-2 to finish fifth.

Group Two also provided some close matches, with Giles Evans justifying his number one seeding to win the group.

The remaining positions were dictated by 3-2 wins for David Gorrod over Rob Davis, and Robby Coates over Nathan Shearing.

Prakrit Kumar was too strong for the opposition in Group Three, coming through comfortably unbeaten, with Liam Mooney's double seeing him second.

Group Four was won by Bonnie Butler, who made a storming comeback from 2-0 down to beat Phil Davis 3-2 and take the group victory.

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All the final matches were close, resulting in hard fought 3-1 wins for Aaron Myhill, Claire Jolley and Sami Wright in what was a tight group.

Jake Sheard won Group Five with victory in all five of his matches on his grand prix debut, but again the group was close with just 23 points separating top and bottom.

Young Jay Myhill, also playing his first grand prix, did well in each of his five matches.

Four players from Broadland and Owen Scott from King's Lynn made up Group Six, where Joe Henden proved to strong for his club-mates with victory in his four matches.

James Longley and Jedd Scott were not far behind while Roberta Longley also managed four close matches, winning one.

• Results – Group One: 1 Adam Sinkins, 2 Connor Doy, 3 Joseph Weavers, 4 Oli Bacon-Hilton, 5 Drew Butchart, 6 Sam Lanham and Martin Jolley; Two: 1 Giles Evans, 2 David Gorrod, 3 Rob Davis, 4 Robby Coates, 5 Nathan Shearing, 6 Sam Henden; Three: 1 Prakrit Kumar, 2 Liam Mooney, 3 Oliver Hall, 4 Joe Yaxley, 5 Ryan Stringer, 6 Craig Smith; Four: 1 Bonnie Butler, 2 Phil Davis, 3 Aaron Myhill, 4 Jade Spalding, 5 Claire Jolley, 6 Bronwyn Moxey, 7 Sami Wright, 8 Joshua Hall; Five: 1 Jake Sheard 75 points, 2 Ollie Farmer 69, 3 Amberly MacKenzie 66, 4 Harry Sturgess 59, 5 James Peterson 52, 6 Jay Myhill 52; Six: 1 Joe Henden 72 points, 2 James Longley 64, 3 Jedd Scott 61, 4 Owen Scott 53, 5 Roberta Longley 52.