A lesson to all to keep to the rules

WAVENEY VALLEY: It is incredibly easy for a few to spoil it for the many in angling. Nigel Poll, secretary of the Fleece AC, has announced that his club have lost the water and access through Cundy's Farm at Ditchingham, near to the Iron Bridge, to its river bank – which reaches from the dyke below the Falcon Meadow to Cheynne Beck.

This stretch is also reached from the right-hand bank at the Weir on Ditchingham Dam below Smith's Garage travelling upstream.

Last year the annual meeting warned members about unauthorised access to this pristine area. Now it is no longer available, and the club's disappointed officers feel this demonstrates to members of all clubs that they are not a law unto themselves. Clubs, most of which are hard-pressed to control interlopers to their waters these days, can only thrive through the common sense and good behaviour of their membership.

News from Harleston Club's prolific Pits at Weybread comes from Nigel Poll in his other role as match secretary. In a three-hour evening match in the Club Pit, local ace Chris Knight took 150lb from the Club Pit, fishing 14 metres of pole out to some reeds with pellet.

If that wasn't good enough to demonstrate his proficiency, he landed 130lb during a three-hour match in the Middle Pit, both catches being of weighty carp.

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With floating baits banned under club rules, buoyant method feeder based systems are the latest effective innovation at the venue. Nigel says the Ocean Pit has given some good returns for those roach hunters prepared to sit it out on the feeder at long range.

Coming from the depths, several fish just above and just below the magic 2lb mark have been taken from this massive and wild natural water, fed from the river's water table indicating its high quality.

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Robin Jones from Great Yarmouth was up early to catch the bottom of the tide at the field below Shipmeadow, and above Dunburgh, at the weekend.

Settled in on the big bend of these Geldeston marshes, he float-fished the run off on the pole to take 20lb of perch with five over the pound. Then he switched to the feeder to fish the middle as the water built up – 20lb of roach and hybrids and five good sized bream between 3lb and 5lb for a bag of around 55–60lb, all on red maggots feeding in about four pints through out. Elsewhere, nearly all the tidal water above Beccles fished well too.

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