Ben Knapper wants to establish a consistent style of play at Norwich City that will be instantly identifiable to supporters. 

The Canaries' new sporting director is hoping to implement a synergy across their footballing department that will revolve around an 'aggressive', 'attacking', 'proactive' style of play where Norwich will be the 'protagonist in the game'. 

Knapper has been influenced by some of the biggest names in football, having spent a prolonged period as chief analyst at Arsenal under Arsene Wenger. He also played under ex-Chelsea boss Graham Potter during his time at Hull University and has worked closely with Mikel Arteta and Unai Emery. 

His first priority at Carrow Road will be to assess the current situation, working structures and key personnel - namely under pressure head coach David Wagner. 

Asked about the desired style of play he is hoping to implement at Carrow Road, Knapper has explained how his experiences in football have shaped his outlook. 

"Generally speaking, I'm quite a purist when it comes to football. I think that's understandable when you see the experience that I've had over the last 10 or 15 years and some of the people that have probably influenced me along the way," Knapper told City's club channels

"Ever since I was a kid, the football that I've enjoyed watching is attacking, proactive football where teams try and control the game with the ball. They'll be the protagonist in the game, and want to go to win the ball back high and be aggressive and try to entertain and score goals.

"That's what excites me as a fan. That's what I think is the best way to approach the game. I think that it's important to acknowledge regardless of playing style or philosophy people may or may not like, it's important to have consistency and have a team that's identifiable.

"I want to make sure, over time, we can build something that people understand exactly what a Norwich team looks like.

"It's important that when people come here to watch us play, they'll understand what they're going to see, and they can expect to see some common themes, and what represents a Norwich City team.

"Whether that's men's senior team, women's senior team, or any of our academy teams. That's something that will take time, but ultimately for me, it's aggressive, proactive and attacking football."