Review: Elbow light up Saturday night

Always leave them wanting more.

Elbow certainly did this when they headlined Latitude Festival on Saturday night, but it wasn't because they had short-changed their audience.

As they bowed and walked off after 90 minutes, they'd played their biggest songs, led sing-a-longs and, for some reason encouraged everyone to say Latitude in an American accent.

The chants of 'more' and the continual singing of the final chorus from the crowd was a sign of how much the packed Obelisk Arena had enjoyed the show.

Fireworks lit up the sky at 11pm as everyone sang along to the anthemic One Day Like This, and after a wet weekend never had the words 'it's looking like a beautiful day' seemed so fitting after the evening sun had gone down.

The former Mercury Prize winning British band are festival veterans. They've played on some of the biggest stages, and you could see this in a polished performance, accompanied with stylish video screen shots of split screen close-ups of the band and dream-like lights across the stage.

The string quartert and the 'emergency' horn section, found at the festival as they had forgotten to book one, show that this is a different type of guitar band.

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Indeed lead singer Guy Garvey looked almost uncomfortable for the one song he picked up the guitar for.

Mostly he would lead the show with confidence, walking out onto a specially installed staging area that made it feel like he was standing among the crowd.

Although this great addition turned a little odd when the whole band walked to the front and stood close together with Garvey's back to the audience – not a normal look for a performance.

However this was the only time that the audience weren't involved, as swaying like trees, clapping along and the lighter-inducing Lippy Kids and dream-like Mirrorball making the crowd feel part of something very special.

It wasn't all just a relaxed atmosphere, as Grounds for Divorce had the crowd jumping. But there was only going to be one song to finish it all - the most well-known, sing-a-long favourite One Day Like This.

And sure enough as the crowd repeated the chorus again and again as the lights went off and crew came on, it must have been amazing for the band to hear their lyrics repeated as the crowd walked away into the night.

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