Reader letter: New junctions in Norwich are too dangerous

The Rouen Road junction with Cattle Market Street. Picture: DENISE BRADLEY

The Rouen Road junction with Cattle Market Street. Picture: DENISE BRADLEY - Credit: Copyright: Archant 2016

So we are told that we now have more roadworks in the Rouen Road Cattle Market Street area due to an 'oversight' by the nameless planners.

Perhaps if their department are continually making such 'oversights' the council should take out Professional Indemnity Insurance and then they would be able to claw some of this hard earned taxpayers' money back.

However, if only the previous oversights were the only problem in that area of the city concerning road planning. Doesn't it seem odd that the perfectly good traffic lights at the Rouen/Cattle Market Street junction were ripped up and replaced with an alternative where drivers who wish to turn right from Rouen Road have to emerge against two way traffic and a cycle lane?

The same thing could also be said about the next junction further up the hill and also the removal at great expense of the roundabout at Tombland, which has also created the same right turn scenario. It seems to have been forgotten by City Hall that one of the most risky actions for a car driver is having to make a right turn across two sets of traffic, let alone having a cycle lane thrown in for good measure. This danger was recognised many years ago and had resulted (before now) in the removal of the standard risky junctions and the invention of safer controlled junctions using traffic lights, roundabouts and mini-roundabouts.

Also, I note that the council were quick to say in their defence that the road project was still under budget. However, they forget the cost to those delayed by their 'oversights' and the loss of trade to the city.

I just wonder if the real reason they are removing traffic lights from city roads is because the council do not have enough money to put in the meter to pay for the electricity perhaps partially due to the planners blowing their entire budget on the well documented Tombland fiasco.

Matt Drake, Sprowston

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