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Public Notice

The Church Commissioners
Notice ID: 10941376

The Church Commissioners have prepared an amended draft Pastoral Church Buildings Scheme providing for the church of Saint Wandregesilus, being a chapel of ease in the parish of Poringland in the diocese of Norwich, to be declared closed for regular public worship and appropriated to residential use and for purposes ancillary thereto. You may see a copy of the amended draft at www. or inspect it at the church.

Anyone may make representations either for or against the amended draft Scheme in writing to James Davidson-Brett, Church Commissioners, Church House, Great Smith Street, London, SW1P 3AZ or by email to by midnight on the 24 June 2021. As a result of the publication of this amended Scheme, the representations made in connection with the previous draft Scheme have fallen away. Copies of all of representations and associated correspondence will be published on our website if the matter needs to be considered by us. See or ring James Davidson-Brett on 01403 581025.