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Changes to the Coast Path between Felixstowe Ferry and Bawdsey

Natural England
Notice ID: 10835701

A call for representations and objections.

Natural England has been asked by the government to establish a continuous walking route around England's coastline. As part of this programme, our compendium of reports describing proposed changes to public access between Felixstowe Ferry and Bawdsey are published on Wednesday 9 December 2020. These reports have been drawn up in partnership with Suffolk County Council. Representations and objections on the proposed changes can now be made and must be received by Natural England no later than midnight on Wednesday 3 February 2021. The Secretary of State for Environment, Food and Rural Affairs will then make a decision about the reports when all representations and objections have been considered. Establishment of the new access arrangements will not begin until that decision is made. 

How to make a representation or objection:

Representations may be made by any person, while objections may only be made by owners and occupiers of affected land. All representations and objections must be made on the correct forms supplied by Natural England. Copies of the reports are available from the website at:

Further information or copies of the forms can also be requested by emailing or writing to: Coastal Access Delivery Team — East, Natural England, Eastbrook, Shaftesbury Road, Cambridge, CB2 8DR For telephone enquiries: 0300 060 3900