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Eni UK Limited
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Eni UK Limited has submitted for the consideration of the Secretary of State for Business, Energy & Industrial Strategy, a draft decommissioning programme for the Hewett Area Subsea Installations, in accordance with the provisions of the Petroleum Act 1998. It is a requirement of the Act that interested parties be consulted on such decommissioning proposals. The subsea installations covered by the decommissioning programmes for the Hewett Area are;

- Dawn 48/29-9 Subsea Structures - Deborah 48/30-8 Subsea Structures - Deborah 48/30-10 Subsea Structures - Deborah 48/30-14 Subsea Structures - Little Dotty 48/30-9 Subsea Structures - Little Dotty 48/30-15z Subsea Structures - Della 48/30-11z Subsea Structures - Delilah 48/30-18 Subsea Structures - Pipeline End Manifold (PLEM) - Midline Termination Module (MTM)

The Subsea Structures are the Subsea Wellhead/Xmas trees and Wellhead Protection Structures, predominantly carbon steel. The Hewett field is located in Blocks 48/28a, 48/30a, 48/29a, 52/4a and 52/5a of the UKCS in the Southern North Sea, approximately 22km north-east of the Norfolk coast.

A digital copy of the Hewett Platforms Decommissioning Programme can be viewed and downloaded online at https:// A hard copy of the programme can be obtained by contacting Cerys Percival on the contact details below. Representations regarding Hewett Area Subsea Installations Combined Decommissioning Programme should be submitted in writing or electronically to the following address where they should be received by the 31/01/2022 and should state the grounds upon which any representations are being made.

Decommissioning Team Eni UK Ltd Eni House, 10 Ebury Bridge Road, London SW1W 8PZ Tel: 01352 842200 Email: Date: 20/12/2021