Pregnant woman’s anger after Norwich restaurant says she can’t use toilet

Aimee Cullabine, 20

Aimee Cullabine, 20 - Credit: Archant

For pregnant women it can be one of the hardest parts of being a mum-to-be – suddenly needing the toilet but having nowhere to go.

Sisters Kendal Cullabine, 21, and Aimee Cullabine, 20

Sisters Kendal Cullabine, 21, and Aimee Cullabine, 20 - Credit: Archant

So when seven-month pregnant Aimee Cullabine found herself in that situation in the middle of Norwich she hoped that a nearby restaurant would allow her entry.

However, the 20-year-old has told of her anger after she and her sister, Kendal, were told she could not use the toilets at The Iron House, in St John Maddermarket, as they were for customers only.

The restaurant's owner defended the policy, claiming they were consistent for all. But 21-year-old Kendal, who lives in the city centre, said: 'When she said 'no', I didn't know if she was serious and then the waitress came out from behind the till and onto the street and directed us to Jarrold to use the toilets there.

'I work in Jarrold. It was in the evening so I knew the store was shut.'

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Aimee, also a city centre resident, added: 'I was pretty stressed out. It was really disheartening. It was horrible, actually.

'I was in Aldi and I really needed the toilet there. The staff were so lovely and let me use their staff restroom.

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'Thankfully this time the Thai restaurant next door let me use their toilets.'

Jeremy King, owner of the Iron House, said: 'Two of our waiting staff at the Iron House are pregnant, so we are well aware of the problems facing pregnant ladies.

'The issue here arose given the fact that we are asked constantly by members of the public to use our toilets. We feel it would be unfair to have one rule for one, and one for another. It makes it very difficult for our staff to know what to do.

'The remit of public toilets falls to the council. We have every sympathy that this lady felt she hadn't been treated appropriately, and can assure that all of our customers are treated with kindness.'

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